Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Recap

Weekend recap a mixed bag, with lots of players out to illness and injury.  I'll do my best to watch Wednesday's CL match (as I think most of the cup matches are not televised) but will be travelling for work so not certain about immediate recaps.

Hong Jeong Ho -- A very strong match, with 8 aerial battles won along with 4 interceptions and 2 tackles.  While Augsburg did let in a goal, HJH had tracked the correct player and was much more consistent than previous weeks.

Ji Dong Won -- The good news is that Ji was moving well and had good control of the ball, resulting in both some nice plays and great opportunities to score.  The bad news is that Ji didn't score on those opportunities albeit saved by a nice (but not spectacular) save from the Frankurt GK.  He'll need to finish these chances off else he'll continue to sit on the bench.

Ryu Seung Woo -- Unused sub.

Son Heung Min -- He was held out with a cold, but would have been bench even if he had started.  The good news is that his alternatives didn't seize the opportunity to take his spot.

Kim Jin Su -- He played really well until the final minute when he over-committed to a tackle and let Douglas Costa past in the lead up to the final goal.  Of course, KJS isn't the first to be beaten by Douglas Costa, and he wasn't the last line of defense, but it put a sour mark on what had been a good day of keeping the dangerous Bayern attack in check.

Lee Chung Yong -- Was an unused sub.  With rumors of Bolasie's exit growing, hopefully Chungy starts getting some more opportunities and does something with them, unlike last week.

Yun Suk Young -- Out with injury.  He was rumored to be nearing midweek return but didn't play today.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Held out for an additional precautionary weekend, perhaps looking ahead to midweek cup match.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Came on at garbage time.  I'm surprised he came on so late as they could have used a bit more intensity, but Jairo scored and setup the second goal so somewhat understandable that Koo wouldn't come in on the left.

Park Joo Ho -- Was so strong on the left, in particular with some strong tackles, and a smart interception of a long ball which would start the counter which resulted in their first goal.  He also was strong with the ball as well, making good decisions and moves.  If there was one criticism, he looked a bit off fitness.

Suk Hyun Jun -- His match is today and not sure I'll get to watch it.