Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weekend Recap Sat 1st

Sorry for the delay.  On travel for work most of the week.  Good news was a few great performances by Ji and Son.  Also a new start for Ki but will he take advantage?

Ji Dong Won -- Finally gets rewarded for his quality start to the season with his first league goal in a long, long time. Getting the ball on the right, a quick cut in later, he shot with his left foot into the far top corner and scored a brilliant goal.  He was excellent all around again, but unfortunately, it wasn't enough for Augsburg who continue to struggle defensively and lost.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Another poor showing from Koo, picking up needless fouls, and generally not getting into the flow of the match at all.  Was subbed off at '78 without much positive contributions.

Lee Chung Yong -- Came on in garbage time.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Came on as a sub and brought some fresh legs and good hustle... but seemed out of it otherwise, with one particular turnover being particularly dangerous and uncharacteristic and a bit sloppy all around.

The big news for Ki is the change in managers from Guidolin, with whom Ki seemed to never sync at all with, to Bradley.  I've never thought that highly of Bradley but at least Ki gets a fresh start and let personal conflicts not interfere with his play or opportunities to do so.

Kim Jin Su -- Didn't suit up.

Park Joo Ho -- Neither did he.

Son Heung Min -- Another star-making performance, this time on top. As I had mentioned, if Pep's team have a traditional weakness, it is to pace that can get behind a pushed up back line, and Son did from the start. In addition, he provided tons of energy for Pochettino's press and helped create chaos whenever Man City tried to build from the back.  And of course he provided an excellent assist calmly feeding Alli with a perfect pass.  He's had an amazing start to the season and let's hope he can carry through international break.