Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Recap Feb 16th and Midweek Recap Feb 20th

Suk Hyun Jun returns to fitness in time for a makeup match vs Kwon Chang Hoon's Dijon but will they face each other?

Tuesday -- Troyes vs Dijon - 12:30 PM ET (No TV)

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Started but was taken off after an hour. I didn't watch but commentators said that he was below his best in a poor showing. Now with short turnaround, will KCH get another chance or be forced to be a super sub? Given that Dijon imploded after his sub off, perhaps he gets another start but I feel like its a 50/50.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Although he missed the weekend with injury, he does appear to be getting healthy as he rejoined practice and made the squad for Dijon. That said, it would be surprising if he were thrown into the starting XI right away, so I'd imagine a bench spot more likely.


Ki Sung Yueng -- Really invisible to start the match, but grew into the match and soon was commanding the middle and pushing the attack... but it was all for naught as Swansea were not on their game and now has an undesired replay. It remains very interesting to see Ki's multiple roles again, moving from DM to CM and then an almost 10.

Koo Ja Cheol -- When he touched the ball, there was plenty of quality but when he didn't, was isolated and the latter happened a lot in action reminiscent of last season. When CM had passes go astray almost every attack, its kinda hard to blame Koo but one would hope that he'd find a way to have an impact. He did eventually drop deeper late in the match but by then it was too late.

Son Heung Min -- Started off very brightly and it felt just a matter of time before he'd score, having a one-on-one saved. But then the frustration of Tottenham's poor display and perhaps his own lack of scoring caused him to fall into his historic habits, including poor touches and bad decisions. A worrisome turn at the same time that Lucas Moura coming on in a good showing that makes attacking roles all the more competitive. The eventual replay is a bit embarrassing but it does mean some more minutes to spread around but if Son wants to be playing the CL matches, he's gotta execute against such low level opposition.

Lee Seung Woo -- Unused sub.