Monday, February 7, 2022

Midweek Preview Feb 9 and Weekend Recap Feb 4

Almost didn't check the midweek fixture list. There's a part of me that's happy when the sides get knocked out of cups as it reduces fixture congestion blogging wise.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host Southampton at 2:45 PM on USA - Son looked pretty fit as he had his pace and explosiveness but looked to show a bit of rust as some things didn't quite turn up for him directly. That said he had a hand in two goals, with the first being rewarded for his press by picking off an errant ball and later when he ran through the most of the defense and despite being a bit selfish with the ball, forced defender to clear it to Kane for a goal. Not going to read too much into a cup match but some positive signs as to what a full strength Tottenham might look like with more time under Conte's system under the belt. Good chance of starting with an extra day of rest on the weekend.


Hwang Hee Chan -- Wolves host Arsenal at 2:45 PM on Peacock - I suspect still too soon for him.


Lee Dong Jun -- Came on as a surprise sub with about thirty minutes to go. It started off well with LDJ able to get past a defender but being unfortunate to not get a foul

Jeong Woo Yeong -- Jeong came on as an early offensive sub, first starting as a second striker/wide forward and dropping a bit back into a more central role with the addition of more strikers. He brought energy and pace but also some of his usual mistakes such as not beating first man on a cross with plenty of room and time. If his teammates had found him or been more accurate when they did, however, we might be writing a different narrative as there were chances to be found. 

Lee Jae Sung -- Came on as a sub and scored the game winner shortly after, with LJS making a smart run into the box to receive a well placed first time pass that LJS was able to confidently fire past the GK. He was rested due to all the international work, and that fatigue showed in some of his errors. LJS being able to contribute despite that fatigue, which he's struggled to do at times with this season is another positive sign in his integration into Mainz.

Lee Kang In -- An unused sub as Mallorca were clinging onto their lead in a six-point relegation battle.

Hwang Ui Jo -- As you know I generally pay for what I watch and have avoided paying exclusively for HUJ and weekends like this don't incentivize me to change my mind. Another blowout loss, this time with HUJ coming off late in the second half, now means a new manager but 

Suk Hyun Jun -- Still out. Thinking of dropping him unless there's positive steps to on-pitch minutes.