Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Recap Nov 10

Another international break sigh. A good showing by Ki, some(very) slight improvements from Son and Koo have me optimistic about the return but I’m an optimist in general so...

Ji Dong Won -- Still out though he has returned to partial training. Hopefully means he will be good to go over international break.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Started and played primarily as a CM though he did push up at times into the attacking line. He had two great chances to score and several chances to setup others but came up lacking. That’s said, Koo managed his defensive shortcomings ok and was otherwise pretty good so even though the net was not great, at least a positive direction for him.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Ki started and made the mist of his opportunity with some great passing, particularly a beautiful crossfield switch that opened things up for a goal. Despite generally good effort (by Ki standards) on defensive end, Ki was at fault for the one goal let in, as he lagged behind his mark who got a lucky header in. But otherwise he had a very good game and now Newcastle has won two in a row. How Rafa handles this on Shelveys return will be interesting. Ki has provided some good patience and control and doesn’t give up the ball cheaply with risky passes which may be what Newcastle needs but Shelvey certainly has Rafa’s trust.

Son Heung Min -- Came on at 72.  Was gonna come on earlier but Tottenham scores so Poch waited for momentum to sag before putting him on. There wasn’t much to do on a wet pitch and he started off poorly giving the ball up cheaply again over dribbling. He did get a great chance with a good run and a move to beat the first defender but was stopped just before shooting by a heroic tackle. He also chipped in with some nice dribbling in the corner to waste some more time. He’s got a few weeks rest now so hopefully he’s sharper on the return.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Came on as a 82nd minute sub.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Weekend Preview Oct 10 and Midweek Recap Oct 6

Daylight Savings are back in sync so normal kickoffs. Could be some slim watching though most will have a large chance of coming on as subs. Thankfully for me, an international break next week.

Saturday9:30 AMJi Dong WonAugsburg@HoffenheimFox Sports 2
Saturday9:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburg@HoffenheimFox Sports 2
Saturday10:00 AMKi Sung YuengNewcastleBournemouthNBC Gold
Saturday12:30 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@Crystal PalaceNBC
Saturday2:00 PMSuk Hyun JunReims@Saint-EtienneBeIn Play
Sunday11:00 AMKwon Chang HoonDijon@MarseilleBeIn Play

Ji Dong Won-- Still not fit. He’s returned to partial team training so given international break, caution makes sense so that he can return after the break.

Koo Ja Cheol-- He’s been struggling like most of the other KPAs... with attack looking healthier, he probably drops to the bench.

Ki Sung Yueng-- We will see if Shelvey is fully fit. If not, or if Rafa liked Ki’s impact last week, Ki could get a rare start at CM. Definitely bench if not but hopefully Ki can get some forward momentum ahead of international break.

Son Heung Min-- He looks quite lost and the two goals a week ago seem a long time ago. He’s trying too hard and forgetting his strengths. Too many dribbles lost, too many tight passes intercepted and good moments lost to mental hesitation. He still has flashes of being himself, notably with a good shot deflected just wide and a decent argument for a PK. But with international break coming up, Son definitely looks like he could use a mental break and probably a physical one too. He will probably be on the bench.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Likely continue riding the bench. We will see if he gets more chances.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Weekend Recap Nov 3rd and Midweek Preview Nov 6th

With Valencia and Bayern Munich home, its less clear if our kids will be with the first team but both would be Wednesday only via B/R Live app: Lee Kang In with Valencia at 1PM vs Young Boys, and Jeong Woo Yeong with Bayern at 3PM vs AEK Athens. I haven't followed closely to know the chances of playing and maybe we'll get more clarity tomorrow.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host PSV Eindhoven at 3PM on B/R Live. On the weekend, Son was called on to fill in for Dembele very early in the match and also had the misfortune of being the sub subbed off. Poch said it was for rest after going 90 midweek and certainly with CL coming up, we could see an argument for Son being rested with a 2-0 lead. But it seems weird for a player trying to build up confidence and Son's poor decision making certainly could also be an argument that Poch wanted to go with someone different. We'll see midweek... for now, I'm optimistic that he could start with Alli still not 100%. It wasn't all bad for Son, as his running provided a lot of energy on a day when Tottenham still were playing lumpy football and he did get the assist with a chipped through ball.


Ji Dong Won -- Still injured. No idea when he might return.

Koo Ja Cheol -- He was very lucky to not hurt a player with a reckless tackle, and then lucky to not get sent off with another stupid tackle ten minutes later. He did have some good positive passes but he was a mess behind and it seemed a good day to take him off at HT when he was struggling for quality. Hopefully a full week of rest gets Koo back to his game because he's really a bit reckless and mistake filled right now.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Made the bench again, and when Shelvey went off, Ki took the opportunity and ran with it. Playing the more advanced of two CM roles, Ki really asserted himself and pushed the attack forward. Ki seemed to finally play with the motivation that has been lacking this season and his omission from KNT seems to be further proof that Ki is going to fight for a role on this team. It wasn't a perfect game from Ki, which says something about Newcastle's play that he was such a bright spot in relation, but it was good to see Ki hustle, take some chances with his passing and also control the match with his decision making. And Ki was quickly rewarded for aggressive play, earning a foul on the edge of the box on a give-n-go, and then an assist with a hard shot on the FK that was headed in. We'll see how serious Shelvey's injury was but it was good to see Ki finally show some of the quality that he's got wearing the black and white shirt.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Suk was an unused sub.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Weekend Preview Nov 3 and Midweek Recap Oct 30

Well mixed bag with Lee Kang In making first team debut vs other young kids not getting a chance. LKI played 70ish minutes out wide in the left and had some decent moments from what I gather including a shot off the post. Hopefully that showing despite playing out of position opens up more chances with the first team later in the season. Conversely, Bayern really struggled vs 4th tier opponents and so Jeong Woo Yeong never got off the bench and Paik Seung Ho didn’t even make squad though I’m not sure if he was eligible given non EU quotas.

Note the weird start times with DST still not in sync and a really late start for Tottenham.

Saturday10:30 AMJi Dong WonAugsburgNurnbergFox Match Pass
Saturday10:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburgNurnbergFox Match Pass
Saturday11:00 AMKi Sung YuengNewcastleWatfordNBC Gold
Saturday3:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijonNimes
Saturday3:00 PMSuk Hyun JunReimsMonacoBeIn Play
Saturday3:30 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@WolvesCNBC

Ji Dong Won-- I don’t know his health but with short week, I don’t expect change yet.

Koo Ja Cheol-- Started and played 65 vs his old team. They advanced but first reports were that Koo didn’t play great. He should be involved this weekend but with some attackers scoring and quite a few minutes recently, probably off the bench Saturday.

Ki Sung Yueng-- Was a good sub showing be enough to start? Apparently Rafa is stuck on Diame so I’m guessing not but we will see but hopefully he’s earned a bench spot.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Played 72 or so but still didn’t score.  Don’t know how well he did but I imagine it’s back to the bench Saturday.

Son Heung Min-- Finally Son got scoring with two nicely taken goals off of questionable West Ham defense. Though errors gave him that chance, he had made smart runs to take advantage of them.  The lack of scoring was clearly starting to weigh on Son and Poch with both mentioning the relief. Unfortunately, the goals didn’t unlock super Son as he continued to make some silly errors and decisions but a pretty good showing overall. Probably not enough to start this weekend but it’s unclear how they’ll rotate with CL next week. My gut says bench then start but two goals will certainly not hurt his chances for minutes.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekend Recap Oct 27 and Midweek Preview Oct 30

I’m going outside normal bounds as there are some legit chances of our young guys making first team competitive debuts this week. With all cup matches and favorable matchups, we could see many guys sneak on in final minutes even if chances of starting are slim. And let’s be honest not too much otherwise to recap and preview. As always with cup previews, managers do shuffle the deck a lot so take predictions with a boulder of salt.

Tuesday3:30 AMLee Kang InValencia@Ebro (Cup)None
Tuesday3:45 PMJi Dong WonAugsburg@Mainz (Cup)None
Tuesday3:45 PMKoo Ja CheolAugsburg@Mainz (Cup)None
Tuesday3:45 PMJeong Woo YeongBayern Munich@Rodinghausen (Cup)ESPN3
Wednesday3:30 PMPaik Seung HoGirona@Alaves (Cup)None
Wednesday3:45 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@West Ham (Cup)ESPN Plus
Wednesday4:05 PMKwon Chang HoonDijonCaen (Cup)None
Wednesday4:05 PMSuk Hyun JunReimsOrleans (Cup)None
Offn/aKi Sung YuengNewcastle

Lee Kang In-- Pobably greatest chance of making the leap to first team of the young guys and with Valencia really struggling, I think LKI will get a chance to impress and potentially get promoted to first team.  But first he will have to perform either as a possible starter or off the bench.

Ji Dong Won-- Out injured.

Koo Ja Cheol-- Started and played a bit over an hour. I didn’t get to watch but didn’t get good marks from local paper or Kicker so it seems not a good showing. I think he will be rested on bench but he could start spending on who Baum wants to use this weekend.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Wih such a low level opponent, JWY has a decent chance of playing if Bayern can go up early. But he’ll be happy to make the first team squad I’m sure.

Paik Seung Ho-- Girona is short on people and PSH has been training frequently with first team. I’m least confident of him making squad let alone playing.

Son Heung Min--With a bad pitch, Poch benched some more preferred guys and so it was Alli and Eriksen coming in as a sub rather than Son. But with a match midweek, a great chance for Son to get some minutes and start and we can hope he finds some forward momentum.

Suk Hyun Jun-- An unused sub so a good chance of starting here even if league seems pretty distant right now.

Ki Sung Yueng-- Ki not only made the squad but came on for an injured Diame. And he looked really motivated though he was a bit uncharacteristically sloppy with the ball and still as slow as molasses. But he also showed a bit of verve that’s lacking everywhere in Newcastle’s squad right now and Ki made a decent shout in his twenty minutes of starting soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Weekend Preview Oct 27 and Midweek Recap Oct 24

Daylight savings kicks in for Europe. I don’t expect slots of watching this weekend

Saturday9:30 AMJi Dong WonAugsburg@HannoverFox Match Pass
Saturday9:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburg@HannoverFox Match Pass
Saturday10:00 AMKi Sung YuengNewcastle@SouthamptonNBC Gold
Saturday2:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijon@Monaco
Sunday10:00 AMSuk Hyun JunReims@RennesBeIn Play
Monday4:00 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamMan CityNBCSN

Ji Dong Won-- Still out injured.

Koo Ja Cheol-- He’s fit again so we will see if he moves into starting XI but certainly bench st worst.

Ki Sung Yueng-- Maybe this weekend is the chance but still doubtful IMO.

Suk Hyun Jun-- I imagine back on the bench this weekend after last weekend.

Son Heung Min-- At least he was contributing. Some good runs and working well at times with teammates notably on the second goal with good exchanges with Eriksen. And Son had some good shots that were just a tad too wide or straight. His very wide positioning prevented him from attacking the number of loose balls in the box and caused a lot of disjointed play with Davies. A decent showing but really far from his best with still too many poor passes and touches. Eventually Son was the one sacrificed when Loris got a red and now CL looks impossible. We’ve seen Poch do weird stuff with Son vs Man City but I expect Son to be in the bench Monday.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Weekend Recap Sep 20 and Midweek Preview Sep 24

Very little to see and recap. Sigh.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham go to PSV Eindhoven at 12:55 pm on TNT. Son was an unused sub after all the minutes and travel and Tottenham holding onto a lead. With CL coming up, hopefully Son can find his scouring touch as I’d expect him to rotate in against ostensibly weakest team in group.


Ji Dong Won -- Still out injured.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Recovered enough to make the bench and come on for final half hour or so.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Ki remains out of squad despite poor showings from Diame.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Got a rare start that I didn’t get to watch but I assume that being pulled at HT not a good sign regarding his play.