Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekend Preview Feb 24th and Europa Recap Feb 23rd

Recap of Son's Europa showing at the end. A bit busy for me to watch Saturday live, but I suspect that really only entails missing the Augsburg duo.

DayTime (ET)PlayerClubOpponentTV
Friday1:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijon@NantesNone
Saturday9:30 AMJi Dong WonAugsburg@DarmstadtFox Soccer 2 Go
Saturday9:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburg@DarmstadtFox Soccer 2 Go
Saturday9:30 AMPark Joo HoDortmund@FreiburgFox Soccer Plus
Saturday10:00 AMLee Chung YongCrystal PalaceMiddlesbroughCNBC
Saturday10:00 AMKi Sung YuengSwansea@ChelseaNBCSN
Sunday8:30 AMSon Heung MinTottenhamStoke CityNBCSN

Kwon Chang Hoon -- I don't expect any major changes to his situation this weekend. Coming into the game will depend on circumstances but I don't expect him to start. Hopefully he gets on and has more confidence to play better.

Ji Dong Won -- Schmid and Bobadilla are injured so Ji may be forced back into the XI. He's been playing poorly over past couple matches so we'll see if he finds some confidence despite having to fill in lots of positions.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Koo should start in an important match to get things going again for Augsburg and rebuild their buffer down to the relegation spots. We will see which position he'll line up at though, if CAM, CM or RM.

Park Joo Ho -- No change.

Lee Chung Yong -- We'll see if Allardyce has re-arranged things with an extended break to get things fixed. I suspect he'll be lucky to make the bench.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Clement said that this weekend is too soon for Ki. I had some hope seeing Ki's post of himself in the gym, but I guess still a bit away.

Son Heung Min -- As Tottenham switched to back 3/5, Son was pushed to the bench. Unfortunately, Tottenham still had a defensive failure resulting in them needing two goals and then Alli got sent off. Son came in and did enough to open the match back up, creating some width on the left and attacking the Gent defenders well. But Gent iced things later with a goal. Son did have one great chance to at least revive a glimmer of hope, but he shot over despite having tons of space and only GK to beat. Tottenham looked ok with 5 in the back, so perhaps Son stays on the bench this weekend, but if they go to back 4, Son will probably start on the left.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekend Recap Feb 17th and Midweek Preview Feb 23rd

Debut for Kwon Chang Hoon and midweek Europa action.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host Gent at 3:05 PM ET on Fox Sports 2.  In the FA Cup, Son played most of the match on the left until Kane came off, when he moved to forward. He started off well and was able to get behind Fulham's defense several times, but wasn't able to finish the opportunities off. He was pretty invisible otherwise, partially because Tottenham seemed to focus on attacking through the right, but also because Son wasn't able to get into as dangerous spots when Fulham was back on defense. He also missed a decent chance to head in a garbage time goal so not a great day. The good news is that Tottenham looked good compared to other attacking lineups recently, so he has a decent chance of starting second leg where Tottenham have to make up a one goal deficit.


Koo Ja Cheol -- Started and played the whole 90 despite having just recovered from an ankle injury. He was very sharp too with some very good moves and runs. Yet he had a hard time once he got into the box, wasting a handful of great chances with poor shots. Fortunately on one failure, he found Kohr after messing up a free run at GK and had an assist. Tough loss though as Augsburg really struggling for solidity in the back and generating consistent buildup play.

Ji Dong Won -- Came on as a sub around 70' and was positioned out wide to the right. Continuing a problematic trend where his touch has been pretty rough, and really struggling to beat defenders with his moves. Even his crosses had a hard time finding a target.

Park Joo Ho -- Nothing.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Made his debut as a sub but it wasn't one to remember, where Dijon went from a one goal lead to a two goal loss. I didn't watch live but it seemed on video that he looked visibly nervous with his touch and movement, though there were a couple decent moments too. Looks like he will have a way to go though.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Weekend Recap Feb 10th and Weekend Preview Feb 16th

Europa knockouts start today so apologies for the late listings.  Good news is that Koo looks ready to return.

DayTime (ET)PlayerClubOpponentTV
Thursday1:00 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamGent (Europa)Fox Sports 1
Friday2:30 PMJi Dong WonAugsburgLeverkusenFox Sports 1
Friday2:30 PMKoo Ja CheolAugsburgLeverkusenFox Sports 1
Saturday9:30 AMPark Joo HoDortmundWolfsburgFox Soccer Plus
Saturday11:00 AMKwon Chang HoonDijon@LyonBeIn Connect
Sunday9:00 AMSon Heung MinTottenham@Fulham (Cup)Fox Sports 1
Offn/aLee Chung YongCrystal Palace
Offn/aKi Sung YuengSwansea

Son Heung Min -- What a frustrating match as Tottenham was so awful in defense and the middle of the pitch that all their offensive players suffered. At times Son was the best threat as he often is vs Klopp with his pace being an effective counterattack vs Liverpool's aggressive play but Son couldn't finish his chances and was poor with the ball in other situations. But the chances to get touches on the ball were so small so hard to blame him more than any other attacker who also struggled.

We'll see how Pochettino lines up this week... I figure he will go stronger in Europa than FA Cup so it's possible that Son starts today and is on the bench next week. Of course, Poch may go back to five back system where Son goes to the bench as well today. Plenty of minutes this week and Son will have a hand in one but not sure which.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Bad news is that he missed out last weekend with ankle injury (I assume same one that has bothered him over past year), and Augsburg really missed his presence in the middle. The good news is that he's on pace to return. If he's healthy, he should start but not certain yet if he's 100%.

Ji Dong Won -- Moved back to a central role, like Son, Ji suffered for problems in the buildup as he was reduced to a target man for deep balls. He was otherwise invisible and was taken off at HT. With Koo coming back and Finnbogason coming near, Ji will have to start re-earning his spot in the starting XI but I think he will this weekend.

Park Joo Ho -- Not in squad and probably not this weekend either but haven't been keeping tabs of what happening.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- A disappointing unused sub, maybe he gets his debut this weekend.

Lee Chung Yong -- Left off squad again but also not to blame for another sad loss.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Remains out with knee injury. Hopefully extended break due to being out of FA Cup means that his return is close.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Weekend Recap Feb 4th and Weekend Preview Feb 10th

I have only watched partial of some of these matches but so it goes when I'm on vacation. I'll try to watch the rest but doubt will have major impact on review.

DayTime (ET)PlayerClubOpponentTV
Friday2:30 PMJi Dong WonAugsburg@MainzFox Sports 2
Friday2:30 PMKoo Ja CheolAugsburg@MainzFox Sports 2
Saturday9:30 AMPark Joo HoDortmund@DarmstadtFox Soccer Plus
Saturday10:00 AMLee Chung YongCrystal Palace@Stoke CityNBC Extra Time
Saturday12:30 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@LiverpoolNBC
Saturday2:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijonCaenNone
Sunday11:00 AMKi Sung YuengSwanseaLeicester CityNBCSN

Koo Ja Cheol -- Strong game from Koo who scored the leveler and also had a nice pass to setup Bobadilla's winner. Continuing to play as the deeper of the two attacking midfielders, Koo continues to be the one reliable means of getting the ball up the pitch. Still uses a bit more fancy moves than is needed given riskiness, but it has been effective. The downside was that Koo injured his ankle (probably recurrence) and he's already been ruled out for the weekend. With a bit of cushion to relegation spots now, hopefully he comes back soon but when he's 100%.

Ji Dong Won -- Ji keeps chugging away out wide, and was slightly better but still struggling to create width as he lacks the pace or trickery to be wide winger in 4-1-4-1. With Koo out maybe he slides into a more central attacking role, especially with Altintop looking weak for a starting role. He's been working hard and Baum seems to appreciate it, but hopefully he starts producing like he was at the end of the first half.

Park Joo Ho -- Not in midweek cup or weekend squads so not much difference.

Lee Chung Yong -- Left out of squad but with Crystal Palace getting destroyed by Sunderland, perhaps Allardyce looks to LCY at least for an option off the bench. Disappointing that he can't even make the squad.

Son Heung Min -- Reportedly played well in the first half, and provided the biggest moment winning a PK that would lead to the winning goal with a nice move. His passing was very good in the parts that I saw, but was a bit sloppy with his decision making.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Spent the weekend with the reserves and made the first team for midweek fixture. Unfortunately, an early sub and a red card means no debut for KCH.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Left off the squad. I didn't see him in training videos/pics so maybe not 100% but also no word so maybe just Clement's preference right now. We'll look for an update for this weekend but looks like small possibility for bench right now. UPDATE: Ki is out with a knee injury for 3-4 weeks.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Recap Jan 31st and Weekend Preview Feb 4th

Sorry about late post... on vacation. No major surprises at end of transfer window, but we'll see what happens with Suk Hyun Jun who is stuck in no-man's land, with loan cut short and Porto not wanting him back.

DayTime (ET)PlayerClubOpponentTV
Saturday10:00 AMLee Chung YongCrystal PalaceSunderlandCNBC
Saturday12:30 PMPark Joo HoDortmundLeipzigFox Sports 2
Saturday12:30 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamMiddlesbroughNBC
Saturday2:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijonPSGBeIn
Sunday8:30 AMKi Sung YuengSwansea@Man CityNBCSN
Sunday9:30 AMJi Dong WonAugsburgWerder BremenFox Sports 1
Sunday9:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburgWerder BremenFox Sports 1

Lee Chung Yong -- Chungy also survived transfer window which I assume was his preference given that he wasn't in midweek squad. I wasn't sold on a move to a championship and Swansea sounded like agent talk. He'll have to be patient for chances though he could make the squad with Sako and Schlupp out with injury.

Park Joo Ho -- Out of CL squad and out of squad barring more injuries.

Son Heung Min -- I was prepared for the worst as he was subbed off, but I don't think he was poor. He had trouble making chances for himself and was on the wrong page once or twice, but he was also putting together some great passes, particularly creating the best chance of the game in Wanyama's miss. We'll see if Pochettino goes with Son who was great vs Middlesbrough last time around or goes with the lineup that had produced well before Sunderland. I'm leaning to latter with Son on the bench but only slightly.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Paperwork sorted but his fitness I guess isn't up to par so is out this weekend. Disappointing given that he should have been preparing better on his own.

Ki Sung Yueng -- A lackluster sub appearance as he looked slow and sloppy. Since results are going their way, Ki will most likely be on the bench.

Ji Dong Won -- We'll see what position he's at but I think he will start. With Altintop scoring, probably remain out wide.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Same goes with Koo and with Leitner added to the mix, some uncertainty on how the various midfield roles setup.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Recap 28th and Midweek Schedule Jan 31st

Tomorrow's the end of the January window so I write this with some uncertainty. The most likely to move seems to be Lee Chung Yong right now, with predominantly Championship clubs linked for a loan deal.  Less likely seem Swansea where Allardyce would probably be unwilling to sell to direct relegation competition.

Also rumored is Suk Hyun Jun whose loan to Turkey hasn't played out to anyone's expectations. We'll see if any Portuguese teams take a gamble.

DayTime (ET)PlayerClubOpponentTV
Tuesday12:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijon@Bordeaux (Cup)None
Tuesday2:45 PMLee Chung YongCrystal Palace@BournemouthNBC Extra Time
Tuesday2:45 PMKi Sung YuengSwanseaSouthamptonNBC Extra Time
Tuesday2:45 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@SunderlandNBC Extra Time
Offn/aJi Dong WonAugsburg
Offn/aKoo Ja CheolAugsburg
Offn/aPark Joo HoDortmund

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Still not eligible and from the sounds of it, not quite physically ready anyway.

Lee Chung Yong -- He played 90 and apparently didn't do anything terrible but also didn't earn any praises either. Maybe it was his last chance to impress Allardyce, as the quantity of rumors are loud. I guess we'll find out quickly if he's going to be loaned out or stay. I'm indifferent between the two... he's struggled at times in the Championship and Allardyce has used him here and there in the PL. Bench if he stays.

Ki Sung Yueng -- He's back in the squad but we'll see how Clement lines em up. I suspect he'll be on the bench if Fer is ok, but it could be 50/50 with him coming into Fer's spot across from Carroll, or less likely, in for Cork at the base.

Son Heung Min -- A weird performance, where both goals were kinda lucky deflections, but he was also often the most dangerous player on the pitch, causing lots of chaos with his pace and quickness. But his shooting was really poor, and his dribbles weren't great either. Kind of a mixed bag... I think he's still 12th man right now, but maybe his two important goals helped narrow the gap back to the first XI.

Ji Dong Won -- A pretty lackluster performance from Ji, who looked sluggish. Playing out wide in an industrious role in 4-1-4-1, Ji's contributions were some good passes and work rate, but he was pretty passive as it looks like he's re-adjusting to the wider role again. I think Bobadilla's better wide but he was barely walking at the end, so perhaps this is how they'll go until he's fully fit. Maybe Schmid's return might mean that Ji can play in CAM instead.

Koo Ja Cheol -- A decent showing from Koo... industrious as he often is and some decent skill to push the ball forward from his deeper role. Of course he had his stupid fouls, and sometimes too tricky when a basic ball would do, but a huge win and Koo was a good part of that.

Park Joo Ho -- No change and lack of rumors seem to indicate that he's ok with his "role".

Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend Recap - Jan 21 and Preview - Jan 28

Cup action messes things up so everything on Fox this weekend, but not in ideal way.  Cups are also hard to predict lineups so take predictions with that in mind.

DayTime (ET)PlayerClubOpponentTV
Saturday9:30 AMJi Dong WonAugsburg@WolfsburgFox Soccer 2 Go
Saturday9:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburg@WolfsburgFox Soccer 2 Go
Saturday10:00 AMLee Chung YongCrystal PalaceMan City (Cup)None
Saturday10:00 AMSon Heung MinTottenhamWycombe (Cup)Fox Soccer Plus
Saturday2:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijon@LorientNone
Sunday11:30 AMPark Joo HoDortmund@MainzFox Soccer Plus
Offn/aKi Sung YuengSwansea

Ji Dong Won -- I haven't watched final 30 minutes or so, but in the part I saw, Ji really struggled at times by himself and found himself in increasingly less dangerous spots as he looked for touches on the ball while being starved for service. Despite that he had a good chance, unloading a very strong header that was well saved, but was often not seen as Augsburg struggled in their own half. We'll see if Baum puts together a better support team around Ji as they look to rebound but I expect Ji to keep his spot.

Koo Ja Cheol -- He was very sloppy with the ball, as he was deeper of two CAMs in 4-1-4-1, and struggled to get in good position on either end of the pitch. He picked up a needless yellow as he turned to combative tackles over good defensive positioning and was taken off at HT as a precaution against a second yellow. He didn't look good in the role, and with Bobadilla coming back, we'll see how they'll line up. With some illness running around the team, he might line up in a number of spots, and I'm pretty sure that he'll start for same reason.

Lee Chung Yong -- He had some real tough luck with some unfortunate bounces leading to some groans from me. But he provided some good crosses when playing out wide, though he started off behind the striker. He showed the lack of communication on defensive end, having to drop deeper when Schlupp went off the pitch dealing with injury. Delaney for some reason covered an already covered attacker and LCY didn't drop back to cover the area. Wasn't really LCYs fault but he showed what he's done in all aspects of his play recently: no mistakes, but also nothing excellent either.  With Sako and Zaha returning, competition for minutes will be ever higher, but given their recent return and low expectations in the cup, I think he starts this weekend.

Son Heung Min -- He wasn't really all that great when he came on at HT as the system got tweaked both for play and for injury, outside one moment where he was inches offside but almost had Man City's offside trap beaten. But then he started to cross the edge of the box and City's defense got stretched trying to track him, and soon enough Son had scored the equalizer, first-timing Kane's nice backheel pass into the lower corner. Unlike other matches, he didn't excel after scoring either, but he had made his contribution and it was a huge one. I'm unclear how Poch will go forward either in shape or selection, so I think it's 50/50 that he starts... maybe he starts to prove that he should start in league, or gets rested for more important duty next week.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- He joined team training this week. We'll see what that means but perhaps a debut off the bench if he does play at all.

Park Joo Ho -- I don't expect him to play a role.

Ki Sung Yueng -- A late scratch with a minor calf strain but a big win for Swansea. We'll see what that means for Tuesday but Fer looked to get a minor knock at the end, so perhaps the three will be Carroll, Cork and Ki or perhaps something else altogether (such as Ki as DM, or no Ki at all).