Monday, January 14, 2019

Midweek Preview Jan 15 and Weekend Recap Jan 11

I'm a bit behind in some watching that I thought I'd do... but might as well post for the cup ahead for Spanish kids. We'll see how they proceed in the remaining days of the winter window. Sadly, we're down to kids and French duo and whatever JWY is doing with Bayern.


Lee Kang In -- Valencia host Sporting Gijon at 3:30 PM on BeIn -- I think LKI should start after only coming on for final minutes on the weekend. Glad he made is La Liga debut but still a bit of a uphill it seems for manager to risk playing youth while his own job is on the line.


Paik Seung Ho -- Girona go to Atletico Madrid at 1:30 PM on BeIn -- I'm less certain if PSH will start this one given that there's a chance to knock off the giant but he didn't play this weekend for the B team so a decent chance of getting another chance to impress.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Out injured.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- I tried to watch at times but the stream was pretty awful and frankly, there wasn't much to see as Dijon was defending most of the time. It seems he had a decent chance in the second half which I didn't see but good to see KCH playing quite a few minutes and hopefully impacts matches more as he gets fit.

Son Heung Min -- Started and had some good passes to start but Tottenham really paid the price for Poch's lack of rotation as everything was off just a hair. All that attacking didn't result in anything making a very good de Gea look invincible. Son had a hard time attacking the goal by himself though and was a bit of a disappointing final match especially as Kane twisted an ankle leaving Tottenham potentially striker-less.

Jeong Woo Yeong -- Played the "finals" of preseason friendly "cup". It was two 45 minute matches and JWY got to play about 30 minutes. He looked lively in his time, with a lot of action driving through him and showing good pace and touch. But his decision-making wasn't great in the box and certainly a lack of chemistry with the mega-stars of Bayern.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Weekend Preview Jan 11 and Midweek Recap Jan 8

Sigh, last of the easy to watch guys leaves after this weekend. This blog will limp along though.

Friday2:45 PMSuk Hyun JunReims@LyonBeIn Play
Saturday10:15 AMLee Kang InValenciaReal ValladolidBeIn Esp
Saturday12:30 PMPaik Seung HoGironaAlavesBeIn Esp
Sunday11:00 AMKwon Chang HoonDijonMontpelierNone
Sunday11:30 AMSon Heung MinTottenhamMan UtdNBCSN

Suk Hyun Jun-- Out injured still.

Lee Kang In-- Played the full match but I didn't get to see. I imagine LKI will get to warm the bench this weekend with minimal chance of playing in the league, especially with second leg next week.

Paik Seung Ho-- PSH played over an hour in his first team competitive debut. I didn't get to see a ton except a bit of the first half featuring PSH fouling Griezmann and having a nice dribble up the pitch. We will see if this changes his halfway status going forward. I imagine part of this exercise was to showcase him to potential borrowing clubs looking to get PSH for a loan at a higher level. For this weekend, I imagine he'll be warming bench for now.

Kwon Chang Hoon-- Should start and hopefully he can get his league campaign going from the start.

Son Heung Min-- I didn't watch the beginning part yet where it seemed Son caused a bit of danger with his pace and even had a weak penalty shout. But the remaining 55 minutes of the 70ish that he played were not very good. He was a willing runner but with the midfield struggling, Son struggled to threaten Chelsea's back line. That only put more light on his few touches which were poor bearing the weight of the many minutes that he's been playing. And then once he started to slow down from fatigue, he looked pretty ineffective. All of Tottenham looked quite tired but they have a big challenge with a revitalized Man United. Given that Poch probably could care less if Son is tired heading into Asian Cup, I'd think Son should start but they do need fresh legs as well.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Midweek Preview Jan 8 and Weekend Recap Jan 4

Not sure how much Spanish kids will play midweek. Neither featured for B teams this weekend so the chances go up a hair at least for Lee Kang In. But since there's such a limited roster of potential players midweek and the fact that both will be on TV, might as well write 'em up.

Tuesday3:00 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamChelsea (Cup)ESPN+
Tuesday3:30 PMLee Kang InValencia@Sporting Gijon (Cup)BeIn
Wednesday1:30 PMPaik Seung HoGironaAtletico Madrid (Cup)BeIn

Son Heung Min-- Quite a strong run of form as Poch continued to ride the hot hand by starting Son despite an ever accumulating minute count. Son had two nice assists to start, first by rounding one defender and getting a lucky bounce off a failed dribble vs. another and finding Llorente. The second assist was nicer as he took a high ball down well and fed to Aurier. And to finish off his day, Son found the goal himself, taking the ball from his own half, doing a small move in the box to get a bit of space, and knocking it into the far corner around GK. Not a bad day even if there were moments where Son looked to be conserving his energy. Given that the match was on Friday and Son was taken off shortly after his goal, certainly there's a strong chance that he starts again tomorrow... Son is clearly on fire right now and exhaustion can't be a large concern as its Son's penultimate match before leaving for Asian Cup.

Lee Kang In-- Probably has a decent chance of starting after sitting on bench Saturday but not keeping close tabs.

Paik Seung Ho-- Given strength of opponent, probably less of a chance for PSH who also sat on bench during Friday's first team match.

Kwon Chang Hoon-- Didn't get to see but KCH scored his first goal of the season, as he started and logged quite a few minutes in the cup. A good start so hopefully will continue into the league matches.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Out injured.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Weekend Preview Jan 4 and Midweek Recap Jan 1

New year, new optimism for the Spanish kids? I don't know if they're in the squads yet but we should have some advance warning on Twitter and both have been training with the first team.

Happy New Year everyone.

Friday1:00 PMPaik Seung HoGirona@LevanteBeIn
Friday2:45 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamTranmere (Cup)ESPN+
Saturday10:15 AMLee Kang InValencia@AlavesBeIn Esp
Saturday12:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijonSchlitigheim (Cup)None
Sunday8:15 AMSuk Hyun JunReimsLens (Cup)None

Paik Seung Ho-- Maybe he'll get to warm bench. I don't expect minutes unless the scoreline is bonkers.

Son Heung Min-- Son continues his hot streak, setting up Eriksen with a sloppy pass for one goal and scoring himself. The goal was really nice as the pass in was behind but a great touch was able to set him free and he coolly beat the GK by picking out the far corner. He had some good passes too in the first half (I haven't had a chance to finish second half yet). I expect him to get a rest finally though if they need goals, I'm sure Poch will be eager to put him in off the bench.

Lee Kang In-- I hope he finally gets to make his league debut but they're still chasing European spots and he could have a chance in Europa League so I don't think Valencia is rushing to get him first-team minutes yet.

Kwon Chang Hoon-- Hopefully he's fit and ready to contribute more though Dijon's manager did get sacked over winter break. A tough break given KCH's injury impacting Dijon's talent base and of course a new challenge for KCH to re-establish himself both from fitness and from new manager perspective. With a full week's rest until start of season, I expect KCH to start though of course a lot depends on how fit he is.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Unfortunately, Suk did hurt himself and is out until late January. A tough break.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Midweek Preview Jan 1 and Weekend Recap Dec 29

Happy New Year! Until French leagues startup soon, Son remains only guy on here. Good to hear that Lee Seung Woo score at 2nd tier though.

Probably will be finishing up ski vacation tomorrow so no updates on the Twitter.


Son Heung Min - Tottenham visit Cardiff at 12:30 PM on NBCSN - What a weird match as Tottenham completely lost control of the match an hour in. But the signs were there all match with poor passing from tired legs. Son wasn’t immune to the fatigued sloppy play with his dribbling not fooling anyone but he provided a lot of forward momentum with good running and passing and some decent shots from distance. He technically recorded an assist by feeding Kane for the goal but really he did very little. Son was less bad than his teammates on a terrible day for Tottenham and how Poch manages the immense fatigue again midweek is unclear to me. I’d say Son needs rest but he’s doing well so maybe he starts.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Weekend Preview and Midweek Recap Dec 26

Wow. So short.


Son Heung Min — Tottenham host Wolverhampton at 10 AM ET on NBCSN. It’s quite remarkable when Son is in such a run that a brace feels somewhat mundane. Part was that both of Son’s goals felt a bit fortuitous. His first was when he was given too much space at the top of the box and despite an imperfect first touch, had plenty of time to shoot into the corner with his left but certainly it was well struck. His second was far luckier as rebounds and blocked shots fell to him a couple yards away from goal and he smartly pulled back and finished easily. Though Tottenham felt fortunate in general, Son was a huge part in keeping momentum going and putting Tottenham in second at the halfway point which is quite an accomplishment despite sluggish starts for both. Son went fairly deep so I expect him to get a rest this weekend on the bench but then again maybe Poch won’t want to leave his hottest hand on the bench.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Weekend Recap Dec 21 and Midweek Preview Dec 26

Sadly no holiday joy for Lee Kang In and Paik Seung Ho. I wonder if they will get a loan out this winter as first team struggles to climb the table has provided no margin to give em a chance. We near the halfway point for PL and everyone else (except Lee Seung Woo in Serie B) heads to winter break.

Happy Holidays!


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host Bournemouth at 10 AM on NBC Gold. A MOTM showing as Son easily got behind Everton’s high line as he so often does and also took advantage of some good fortunate as in his first goal. Everton GK and defender collided and Son was there for the loose ball and from a tricky angle with recovering defenders, coolly knocked in a pretty goal. He scored a brace later in similar fashion as last week as he struggled initially with a throughball but recovered to beat GK. He also had a hand in two more goals, with his saved shot scored by Alli and setting up Kane with a cross. Pretty strong showing by Tottenham and especially by Son and being subbed off, hopefully will be fresh for Boxing Day where he’s likely to start again.


Ki Sung Yueng -- Had some good set pieces but also looked to struggle to create in a tough slog of a match. It was weird to see Ki forcing the issue which is not his MO but nobody else was stepping into the playmaker role. Not a good match but still relatively better which reflects poorly on Newcastle’s squad and chances in coming weeks.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Came on with twentyish to go in a loss. Hopefully he’s finding his feet for second half of season.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Scored his first goal for Reims as he started again but was subbed off at HT. He had some hamstring issues in first half so perhaps that was cause but didn’t watch.

Ji Dong Won -- An unused sub as LB tired in first showing and needed subbing as the random lineups continue.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Augsburg has been really way too pessimistic and refusing to build flow in attack and leaving no margins for error by trying to settle for a draw. Augsburg looked bright at first but once scared by Wolfsburg, went back into their shell and got punished. This cycle happened again after leveling in second half. Frustrating to watch. Koo himself was a mixed bag on the wings. Some great touches and his flexibility allowed Baum to adjust into aforementioned attacking/defensive modes but Koo also played way too fancy in bad spots. His hyperactivity also looked to tire him out as he really slowed in final minutes. Like most of this season, Koo has been too variable and missing that bit of class but also handcuffed by awful tactics by Baum.