Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Midweek Preview Nov 30

I'm still catching up so just issuing brief previews. While I thankfully avoided COVID on the enjoyable trip, I did not avoid a stomach bug caught on my return flight which made the weekend quite blurry.

Wednesday1:00 PMHwang Ui JoBordeaux@StrasbourgBeIN Xtra
Wednesday1:00 PMLee Kang InMallorcaSegoviana (Cup)ESPN+
Wednesday1:00 PMSuk Hyun JunTroyesLorientBeIN Play
Wednesday2:30 PMHwang Hee ChanWolverhamptonBurnleyPeacock
Thursday2:30 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamBrentfordPeacock

Hwang Ui Jo-- Came back to action but I don't think he's 100% so likely on the bench.

Lee Kang In-- Maybe a rest in the cup but a hunch they may be looking to build some positive momentum so I think a strong chance he could start.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Been a regular sub despite lack of goals so don't see a change yet.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Likely to start.

Son Heung Min-- Should start especially after snow postponement on the weekend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Weekend Preview Nov 20 and Recap Nov 6

International break comes and goes and there went most of my memory having forgotten to write my notes down. I'll do my best to piece together my recollection.
Warning that I will be out of the country for a bit over a week... I may or may not update this blog during this time and what I do post may be limited to factual data.

Also good to see KNT take a large step to WC qualification with 6 points and should be able to wrap it up in the next round of matches.

Saturday10:00 AMHwang Hee ChanWolverhamptonWest HamUSA
Sunday7:30 AMSeo Jong MinDynamo DresdenFortuna DusseldorfNone
Sunday7:30 AMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruher@IngolstadtNone
Sunday9:00 AMHwang Ui JoBordeaux@MetzBeIN Play
Sunday9:00 AMSuk Hyun JunTroyesSt EtienneBeIN
Sunday9:30 AMJeong Woo YeongFreiburgEintracht FrankfurtESPN+
Sunday11:30 AMLee Jae SungMainzCologneESPN+
Sunday11:30 AMSon Heung MinTottenhamLeedsNBCSN
Monday3:00 PMLee Kang InMallorcaRayo VallecanoESPN+

Seo Jong Min -- Came on as a late sub but reports were that he wasn't able to make an impact.

Park Kyu Hyun -- I'm letting him drop from this lineup as there's no sign of first team and an injury can't be helping things.

Lee Jae Sung -- A very strong Lee Jae Sung performance as he was everywhere on the pitch, helping in the buildup, willing to be the target man for long balls, and creating danger in the final third. While there's a lot of imprecision to his play still, LJS showing that he can contribute at the top tier and provide something different than the rest of Mainz' squad. International duty may push him to the bench this weekend but could still start and will certainly come on as a sub if not.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Came on with 30 to go but the match looked well over apparently as Troyes were down by 4. Likely to continue to be a sub option. With January window coming close, it remains to be seen what it looks like 

Jeong Woo Yeong -- A difficult match on paper but Freiburg fought hard, particularly over the first 30 minutes of the match and Jeong was playing well in the limited amounts of touches he had. His pace worked well in causing problems for Bayern's back line and he showed that pace on defense, harassing Sane enough to force him to pass out. Going full tilt appeared to be primary reason for his subbing off as he started to make some larger mistakes as the match wore on. With an extra day of rest from international travel, a decent chance to start again.

Hwang Hee Chan -- I watched only some of this but Wolves didn't look effective in attack that I saw. Hwang was certainly trying but things weren't breaking for him nor was the quality elsewhere. And certainly Hwang's biggest problem now is creating danger by himself. Maybe given international demands this is when Hwang gets changed out to give Traore a chance in a more advanced role but still a strong chance of starting.

Choi Kyoung Rok -- Played most of the match in a draw.

Hwang Ui Jo -- Out injured.

Son Heung Min -- Had a difficult time impacting the match as Everton was controlling much of the play. Looking back on my tweets, I didn't post much and knowing I was watching, seems he didn't do much of note. Should start and hopefully gets some rest after heavy international load.

Lee Kang In -- I had expected the worst given his subbing off, but I was pleasantly surprised to see LKI playing some quality football with some great dribbles and shots. The  next step for him is to start to raise the level of play of his teammates as it feels a bit of going it alone but the talent is there and should start this weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Preview Nov 6 and Recap Oct 30

Daylight savings kicks everything back ahead of yet another international break. I also learned today that NBCSN is about to go away in favor of USA (shrug).

Thursday1:45 PMHong Hyun SeokLASKAlashkertParamount+
Thursday4:00 PMKim Min JaeFenerbahce@AntwerpParamount+
Thursday4:00 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamVitesseParamount+
Friday1:30 PMSeo Jong MinDynamo Dresden@Holstein KielNone
Friday1:30 PMPark Kyu HyunWerder Bremen@NurnbergNone
Friday3:30 PMLee Jae SungMainzMonchengladbachESPN+
Friday4:00 PMSuk Hyun JunTroyes@LensBeIN
Saturday10:30 AMJeong Woo YeongFreiburg@Bayern MunichESPN+
Saturday11:00 AMHwang Hee ChanWolverhampton@Crystal PalaceNBCSN
Saturday3:30 PMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruherHamburgNone
Saturday4:00 PMHwang Ui JoBordeauxPSGBeIN
Sunday9:00 AMSon Heung MinTottenham@EvertonNBCSN
Sunday12:30 PMLee Kang InMallorcaElcheESPN+

Hong Hyun Seok-- Came on as an early sub for another injured player so likely will need to start.

Kim Min Jae-- Likely to start. Maybe I'll watch this week.

Son Heung Min-- Nuno has been sacked and now Conte is in charge. I wonder if Son had scored on his chances if we'd be in this situation. I feel the venom coming mid-match from fans and press felt a bit unwarranted... Son was playing really well getting into good spots despite his off-target shooting and there were several stretches of fluid attacking that were undone by Kane's continuing poor spell. Nuno was certainly responsible for the weird subs and the lack of proper adjustments to United's tactical shifts but the core issues of a soft back line and lack of playmaking in midfield go beyond coaching. I would think Conte wants to get off to a strong start midweek and so I expect Son to start both matches. 

Seo Jong Min-- Came on as a pretty early sub at 56' so earning more and more minutes, though 

Park Kyu Hyun-- An unused sub or with reserves as he was former this week.

Lee Jae Sung-- Liveliest that Lee Jae Sung looked in his RCM role was rewarded with a goal as LJS dummied to start off the move and then kept his run going which put him in great position to knock in the rebound. While LJS is far from the player that had everyone talking last winter, some positive signs as he seems stronger and more adapted to the intensity of the top tier. Still too many turnovers passing but at least he's starting to win headers, be involved in the buildup, and withstand physical pressure better. Should start again.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Came on as a sub but couldn't break the deadlock. Likely a sub player still.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Feels like Jeong is starting to mature a bit now with regular starts. While it didn't quite payoff this week, his errors felt a lot less painful and his contributions more consistent. Good to see an off day be more productive. Should start.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Hwang almost started off brilliantly collecting a ball and scoring but it was correctly overturned by VAR for being a hair offside. That didn't slow him down as he continuously caused problems with his pace, strength and work rate. Its no accident to see lots of talk of Wolves picking up his option and negotiating a long term deal over winter break. Its a bit unfortunate that he didn't get a few assists for his good play but a win against a good opponent keeps Wolves moving ahead and should keep Hwang in the starting lineup.

Choi Kyoung Rok-- Played over 80 but Karlsruhe were overrun by four goals, maybe fatigued from cup heroics, and a late come back wasn't enough. Should start.

Hwang Ui Jo-- Still out injured.

Lee Kang In-- A few truly sparkling moments from LKI though VAR removed one of his best moments when he put in a great turn and sent in a perfect pass that forced the opposition into a red card foul. LKI also had a great dribble showing some magnets boots that we've never seen from a Korean footballer, though his good shot was deflected wide. Unfortunately, he got a bit hot-headed on his sub off and picked up a yellow, and Mallorca unrelatedly conceded late which puts a sour note on a good day. Should start.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Weekend Preview Oct 30 and Recap Oct 26

Happy Halloween! 

Saturday7:30 AMSeo Jong MinDynamo DresdenSandhausenNone
Saturday7:30 AMPark Kyu HyunWerder BremenSt PauliNone
Saturday9:30 AMJeong Woo YeongFreiburgFuerthESPN+
Saturday9:30 AMLee Jae SungMainz@BielefeldESPN+
Saturday12:30 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamMan UtdNBC
Sunday8:30 AMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruherPaderbornNone
Sunday9:00 AMLee Kang InMallorca@CadizESPN+
Sunday10:00 AMHwang Ui JoBordeauxReimsBeIN
Sunday10:00 AMSuk Hyun JunTroyesRennesBeIN La Liga
Monday4:00 PMHwang Hee ChanWolverhamptonEvertonNBCSN

Seo Jong Min-- Came on as a sub after an hour and played through ET but Dresden lost. Hopefully a sign for a bigger role off the bench going forward.

Park Kyu Hyun-- Didn't play with reserves midweek so slightly greater chance of at least making the squad.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Came on as a sub and missed his PK. Likely to start but maybe the minutes and showing midweek (which I didn't see) increases chances of being dropped to bench, though Petersen is out reducing attacking alternatives.

Lee Jae Sung-- LJS started at RCM again and was very lively, winning balls in the air and defending more effectively than recently. Unfortunately, he was a bit overeager in attack, turning the ball over a few too many times. A positive trend as he settles into a more consistent role and a decent chance of starting this weekend.

Son Heung Min-- I didn't watch this yet and apparently I shouldn't as it was apparently a slog of a win. Should start this weekend after being rested midweek.

Choi Kyoung Rok-- The action wasn't flowing towards CKR's direction, playing right wing nominally, but dropping deeper and wider to help out on defense and then pushing forward closer to a 10 role in attack. He had a couple of decent moments and certainly was scrappy in pressing though a bit less effective as a pure defender. But when the moment came, with a sloppy pass out of the back by the Leverkusen GK, CKR was ready, intercepting the pass and calmly curling it around the keeper to put Karlsruhe into the next stage. Should start with extra day of rest.

Lee Kang In-- Suspended midweek but should start this weekend.

Hwang Ui Jo-- A greater chance of returning this weekend though I'm not sure how much of that is bluffing or how much he can play if he does make the squad.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Continuing his role off the bench.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Seems to have a firm grip on a starting role for now.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Midweek Preview Oct 26 and Recap Oct 21

Sigh, midweek activity pushes up my timeline and not a very exciting weekend.

Tuesday2:45 PMJeong Woo YeongFreiburgOsnabruck (Cup)None
Tuesday2:45 PMLee Jae SungMainzArminia Bielefeld (Cup)ESPN3
Wednesday12:30 PMSeo Jong MinDynamo DresdenSt Pauli (Cup)None
Wednesday12:30 PMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruher@Leverkusen (Cup)ESPN3
Wednesday1:00 PMLee Kang InMallorcaSevillaESPN+
Wednesday2:45 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@Burnley (Cup)ESPN+

Jeong Woo Yeong-- A quiet showing as he played near 80, but didn't have a large impact on the match despite a few slight tweaks to his role from winger to second forward and even a bit deeper as needed to help out the defense.

Lee Jae Sung-- Started and played over an hour but Mainz were on cruise control most of the match and LJS' contributions were limited to a bit of decent pressing from RCM role. The match wasn't really flowing to him and his defense did have a few holes. A decent chance to start midweek in a freeroll. 

Seo Jong Min-- An unused sub.

Choi Kyoung Rok-- CKR played just shy of 80 minutes in a loss. Good chance of starting with Karlsruher in a safe enough spot to gamble.

Lee Kang In-- Managing to be both the highlight and bottom of the weekend where LKI showed a bit of his youth and over-eagerness to impress vs. his former club. LKI flashed strongest for the first goal, dribbling through several defenders and sending in a good cross for a near tap in. Carrying a yellow, albeit a soft one, LKI showed his immaturity when he went far too aggressively to recover from a heavy first touch and got a second yellow before an hour. Unfortunately, that appears to have been a large factor in letting Valencia return to level the match. Should be suspended midweek I believe.

Son Heung Min-- First, Son stayed home for the midweek UCL match to rest up for the West Ham match. In that, Tottenham looked fluid at times in the first half but Tottenham continued to crack defensively under pressure and stumbled toward the finish line after. The lack of playmaking from the midfield caused Son to have to play deeper though his best and worst moment came when he had a fast and long one-two which left him free but could only shoot weakly into GK's body. Tottenham don't look an awful team but the many flaws, including the absence of playmakers and questionable defense continue to impair any run up the table. Normally a cup would be sacrificial lamb but Nuno will want a win especially after midweek 2nd team failure so decent chance of Son starting or least coming on early.

Hwang Ui Jo-- Out with injury despite some rumors that he might be able to come on.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Came on late as a time wasting sub in a win vs. his former club.

Park Kyu Hyun-- With reserves and will likely take him out until he makes his debut.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Hwang again came through with another goal, jumping onto a deflected ball in the box to score and continue his strong scoring form. Unfortunately, Wolves were very soft in the middle and as a result, Hwang spent much of his time trying to play as an auxiliary wingback to mixed results. Certainly he has the strength and pace but is a pretty limited one on one defender. Not too many other chances going forward but would have hoped for more contributions in their chances.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Week Preview Oct 21 and Weekend Recap Oct 16

This list feels very long.

Thursday12:45 PMKim Min JaeFenerbahceRed Star Belgrade (EL)Paramount+
Thursday12:45 PMHong Hyun SeokLASK@Alashkert (UECL)Paramount+
Thursday12:45 PMSon Heung MinTottenham@Vitesse (UECL)Paramount+
Friday2:30 PMLee Jae SungMainzAugsburgESPN+
Saturday7:30 AMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruher@Fortuna DusseldorfNone
Saturday8:00 AMLee Kang InMallorca@ValenciaESPN2/ESPN+
Saturday9:30 AMJeong Woo YeongFreiburg@WolfsburgESPN+
Saturday10:00 AMHwang Hee ChanWolverhampton@Leeds UtdNBCSN
Saturday2:30 PMSeo Jong MinDynamo Dresden@SchalkeNone
Sunday7:30 AMPark Kyu HyunWerder Bremen@SandhausenNone
Sunday9:00 AMHwang Ui JoBordeaux@LorientBeIN La Liga
Sunday9:00 AMSon Heung MinTottenham@West Ham UtdNBCSN
Sunday9:00 AMSuk Hyun JunTroyes@ReimsBeIN

Kim Min Jae-- Received a second yellow on the weekend so should be available to start midweek.

Hong Hyun Seok-- Didn't play this weekend so not sure if not 100%, being saved for what looks the weakest opponent in group, or what. Leaning to bench role.

Son Heung Min-- Son apparently had a false COVID positive but was cleared to play, but looked tired from international travel as his explosiveness looked muted. Fortunately, the opposition rolled over and Tottenham coasted through and Son benefited with an easy tap in goal before things got dicey from an awful own goal. Nuno may be resting his players as they had the day off so likely on the bench in order to start fresh on weekend.

Lee Jae Sung-- Came on as a sub with 20 or so to go and looked lively going forward on the right of a midfield three, as lively as one can against constant pressure by Dortmund. LJS showed impact of international duty in defending work rate, but balanced that by setting up one goal; LJS was able to head down a pass coming in too high to teammate to score. LJS also came close later with a well timed run but the incoming cross was just cleared. Unlikely not enough to join starters but hopefully keeping forward progress in earning minutes.

Choi Kyoung Rok-- Started and played almost 80 in a win. Should start.

Lee Kang In-- One of his most disappointing performances in isolation and as part of a team. For the former, LKI struggled in a match where fouls were not being called and didn't do enough on the ball. On the latter, his problems were compounded by teammates not giving the logical return ball to LKI resulting in a poor attack despite playing against 10 men. Should start against his former club.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Jeong looked sharper on the ball with some good crosses and runs and then contributed on his own, able to find the soft spot in the opposition backline to head in a cross for the equalizer and the first Freiburg goal in their new stadium. Not a superb showing but certainly good enough to start vs. a side where Freiburg will want to attack.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Hwang started and played most of the match. I only saw first half and he looked a bit out of sync, maybe due to international travel, and certainly not helped by a poor Wolves half. Not sure how much he had a hand in comeback which would likely play into who starts this weekend. Leaning to thinking that he will start.

Seo Jong Min-- An unused sub last weekend but hopefully nearing a larger role. Not expecting a ton of minutes but hopefully stays on the bench at least.

Park Kyu Hyun-- Didn't make matchday squad and with timing, didn't get minutes with reserves either. Not sure what it will take to get a chance given side's suspect defense.

Hwang Ui Jo-- Had a gorgeous goal, scoring from some distance after a quick cut in. Also had a header off the post, and reports were these good moments were in spite of a bad Bordeaux performance. Unfortunately, Hwang twisted an ankle shortly after the goal... it doesn't sound serious but this weekend may be too soon.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Came on as a sub and likely to do so this weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Weekend Preview Oct 16 and Recap Oct 3

Back after international break. Seo Jong Min back in the lineup after entering the match last weekend.

Saturday7:30 AMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruherAueNone
Saturday9:30 AMJeong Woo YeongFreiburgLeipzigESPN+
Saturday9:30 AMLee Jae SungMainz@DortmundESPN+
Saturday10:00 AMHwang Hee ChanWolverhampton@Aston VillaNBCSN
Saturday3:00 PMLee Kang InMallorca@Real SociedadESPN+
Sunday7:30 AMPark Kyu HyunWerder Bremen@DarmstadtNone
Sunday7:30 AMSeo Jong MinDynamo DresdenNurnbergNone
Sunday7:00 AMSuk Hyun JunTroyesNiceBeIN Xtra
Sunday9:00 AMHwang Ui JoBordeauxNantesBeIN
Sunday11:30 AMSon Heung MinTottenham@NewcastleNBCSN

Choi Kyoung Rok-- Apparently had a decent game in a draw, playing almost the whole match. Should start.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Haven't watched all of this match, but it was a mixed bag for Jeong in what I saw, more so with quiet periods rather than bad errors, though he did have a few passes that were too cute and led to opposition breaks. He had a real nice opportunity to score on a mis-cleared ball that landed right in front of him, but he got the corner of his knee which resulted in the ball going over. Given international duty, may be on the bench but should come on if they need offense.

Lee Jae Sung-- Disappointing to not see the pitch again despite the good showing last time. Not sure how much one can attribute to upcoming international break or what but given minutes, unlikely to do more than a cameo off the bench.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Really weird to see Hwang be the finisher that Wolves need so badly given struggles to be that most of his career, and even recently with KNT. Even though his total throughput was a bit more choppy than prior weeks, two really well taken goals when his side needed is a great sign and should start if recovered.

Lee Kang In-- Started off really quiet and when he started to turn it on in the second half, he started to fatigue and also overly favor his left foot leading to some missed chances due to the extra touch needed to shift the ball over. His shooting and free kicks were also a bit off; perhaps the minutes after a season of doing so little are starting to catch up to him and manager likely thought the same subbing him off. Likely to start.

Park Kyu Hyun-- Didn't play with first team but with schedule lining up, was able to get minutes with B team ahead of getting dental surgery over international break, scoring a goal. On the bench I think though not sure how the squad is doing fitness wise in terms of impact at the bottom of the squad.

Seo Jong Min-- Came on with 20 to go with the match still tight score-wise, but Dresden looked defeated already with some lackluster buildup and then some defensive frailty to give up a pair of goals. He had a couple nice touches playing as a left attacking player, starting off on the wing and pushing further up as score got worse, but also played showed his age with a couple excessive dribbles. Not much to note but hopefully a sign that he's working up the depth chart. We'll see if he continues to get a bench role.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Suk finally made the squad and even went right into the action, coming on as a sub. It sounded like he had a couple chances but not enough to score. Likely on the bench.

Hwang Ui Jo-- Another rough day at the office for Bordeaux though HUJ was apparently not the weakest in the offense and starved of service. Should start given extra day of rest.

Son Heung Min-- After coming on midweek with little to do with a lead that soon got blown out, Son took the team on his shoulders on Sunday and carried them to victory despite the intermittent struggles of Kane and continuing mistakes from the backline. Son looked the fastest player on the pitch and Aston Villa made little attempt to compensate for their shortcomings: Son took full advantage providing the work for both goals by stretching out the defense and sending in the final ball for both goals. On a standalone basis, breaks didn't work out for him in shooting but a strong showing when Tottenham needed it. Should start if travel goes ok.