Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Recap Nov 20th

Vacation time for me = more football, and particularly more football on bigger TV.  And Thanksgiving football too, with Europa matches on.  I'll get midweek schedule out soon.

Park Joo Ho -- Didn't make squad.  Situation not helped by Friday match with no rest or prep.

Yun Suk Young -- A very surprising start, and again starts at LM.  I didn't get to watch but he did serve up the best opportunity of the match with a nice cross that was just missed.  We'll see what this means for him going forward as it seems Yun is pulled into defensive roles (e.g. away or vs top team) out of position for his few opportunities.

Hong Jeong Ho -- Didn't make squad with his recovery started.

Ji Dong Won -- Came on around 60ish minutes with the match well in hand.  He showed some excellent touches and runs but with Caiuby, Bobadilla and Esswein starting to figure things out, he may have to prepare for a sub role, not as a reflection of his performances but rather competition for his spots.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Augsburg's 4-1-4-1 system has been ideal for Koo and he's really made the most of the opportunity.  In this role, his workrate and defensive drive are assets when balanced with his ability to play as a playmaker and goal scorer as well.  And his flexibility allows Weinzierl to change the team's shape multiple times without using subs.  And vs a weak Stuttgart side, Koo was excellent again, with his presses and passes helping to start attacks that led to goal scoring opportunities and adding in a calm finish to ice the match with Augsburg's fourth goal.  He was subbed at 74 minutes to get rest with match well in hand.

Ki Sung Yueng -- A very disappointing performance as Ki struggled with fatigue.  Really puts his midweek 180 minutes into perspective as Ki struggled to defend and wasn't helped by a questionable lineup selected by Monk.  I thought Monk made too many changes and his exclusion of Cork seems very odd given much of their struggles.  When Ki started to open up his game in the end, he started to make a better impact but it was too little, too late.  With Swansea struggling, Ki will have to find energy now with KNT distraction out of the way and help provide the quality that we know he can provide.

Suk Hyun Jun -- He started and scored again in a cup match.  With rumors of a January move building, he'll have to focus on keeping his form and hopefully he'll end up where I can watch him more often.

Kim Jin Su -- A mixed performance with Kim Jin Su with a number of defensive showings of quality mixed with some struggling vs Haraguchi, who, in Kim's defense, caused problems all over Hoffenheim's defense.  The worst came with an unnecessary foul that led to match's only goal off the subsequent free kick.  Kim Jin Su started to look much stronger as he pushed forward more where he can offset some of his questionable defending with more offensive contributions.

Son Heung Min -- It was great to see a confident and strong Son start and play well.  He was involved in with an assist, some great chances and some quality that doesn't show up on the stat sheet, such as stretching defense to earn corner that led to second.  And greatest to see was Son pressing and tackling really well to complement his high quality passing.  Unfortunately, he still had a bit of rust with his take-ons, failing to beat defenders regularly, and with his finishing where he maybe should have scored one with some of the great chances he made for himself.  A huge positive step for Son to get back on track for his fast start and Tottenham look setup for a strong run in the PL.

Lee Chung Yong --  Was left off the squad and he'll have to either wait for injuries or reserve performances for his next chance.