Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Recap Nov 6th (Sorry for delay!)

Had some personal things make things complicated but got to keep the blog going for the giant fan base that I have (lol).

Ryu Seung Woo -- He's off with Olympic team now so he's fit but I've taken him off schedule going forward until there are signs he can make a matchday squad.  He's reportedly doing well so perhaps someone is watching and can take him on loan over winter break.

Kim Jin Su -- Not as good as the previous week, and he was very, very lucky not to get a penalty on a foul on Hasebe in the box.  That said, he's still far better than he was prior to Huub Stevens arrival so hopefully he can take some confidence from these performances and improve.  His brain needs to get as fast as his feet to become a top defensive player.  He's really had problems going forward and I think that one is nerves as he's pressing too hard.  On defense, he still needs to communicate better with his teammates and also avoid getting lost in space as he was caught in no-man's land a few too many times for my liking.  Still though, positive steps relative to previous weeks.

Yun Suk Young -- Despite good reports of his performance midweek, he was dropped off the squad by Warnock.  So it looks like Yun should really start looking hard for a move in January while he might still have some residual value.  Note that his move will be extra tricky because of the FA rule that prevented Kim Bo Kyung from joining Blackburn.  So it may be that he has to wait and hope for a chance to impress and earn an extension with QPR in order to stay at a decent level in Europe.

Ki Sung Yeung -- A tidy performance but Norwich really clamped down on both Ki and Shelvey, giving both very little room to work.  With Ayew not providing width, Montero not providing much beside pace, and Sigurdsson really poor, it meant that Swansea couldn't really create any quality opportunities and were punished for such.  We'll see how Monk will try to right the ship.  My preference would be to have Cork play DM, Ki the CM and Shelvey as CAM, rather than in the diamond, but Monk may have different plans based on player availability over international break.  And Ki may return having logged lots of miles and minutes, as it appears that he's taking his KNT captaincy very seriously and staying on probably more than he should vs minnows.

Park Joo Ho -- An unused sub and with Durm returning to health, perhaps at risk for making the squad, as Durm can fill in at both FB spots and Tuchel might prefer other people at DM.  Of course, Durm's recovery is far from certain so he'll have to do better when he gets his next chance.

Lee Chung Yong -- While fit enough to go with KNT on WCQ, he was left off the squad with a reported foot bruise.  Its fortunate that it wasn't a serious injury but his lack of first team chances doesn't seem like its any closer to getting better.

Son Heung Min -- He came on as a sub and still looked quite off the pace though Tottenham had started to lose control of the match.  He looked rusty still with KNT as well but he had some nice passes, in particular working a nice combination with Nam Tae Hee to provide an assist, so it looks like better showings are getting closer.

Hong Jeong Ho -- Still out with injury.  Didn't look like he was on crutches on a silly video the Augsburg guys posted to SNS so maybe he has a chance of returning this half of the season.

Koo Ja Cheol -- I thought it was a pretty poor performance from Koo as he was pulled around 60-ish minutes.  He was all over the place and yet nowhere, as he struggled to provide quality beyond his hard running.  He returned early from WCQ as he was suspended for Laos for too many yellows and he'll have an opportunity to figure things out and build on his headed goal with KNT.

Ji Dong Won -- It looked to me like fatigue was a factor as he was a bit less sharp than midweek.  That said, he had one of the best chances in the game when he nicely worked the ball in traffic and got off a hard shot, though it was straight at the keeper.  He was a mixed bag otherwise, and despite starting on top, didn't threaten around the box as much as I'd like.  He had an assist vs Myanmar so hopefully he can get in sync with Bundesliga schedule on his return rather than the midweek schedule that he's on now.

Suk Hyun Jun -- He started and played 90 again but didn't score.  I didn't get to watch this one.