Sunday, December 13, 2015

Midweek Cup / Championship Schedule and Preview Dec 15th

Some midweek action.  Last work of week before vacation for me so we'll see if I watch these live.


Yun Suk Young and QPR host Brighton at 2:45 PM ET.  On BeIn.  I don't expect Yun to play.

Ryu Seung Woo and Leverkusen go to Unterhaching 1PM ET for round of 16 in DFB Pokal on ESPN3.  On ESPN3.  I'm temporarily adding Ryu to the list given lower level of opponent.  If he were to play in anything, it would be this match.  But I don't expect him to make the squad.


Ji Dong Won / Koo Ja Cheol / Hong Jeong Ho and Augsburg host Dortmund.  2:30 PM ET on ESPN3.  Huge opponent and given positive results recently, Weinzierl may be tempted to keep momentum going into final Bundesliga match of the season.  But even if they've gotten themselves to 13th, they're still only a couple points out of relegation and Bundesliga position should take priority.  As such, I expect Ji to start to rest attackers.  Koo might get a 60 minutes showing but more likely to be bench.  As for HJH, not much depth and he should be reasonably fresh having just come back to action so he might start.

Park Joo Ho and Dortmund at Augsburg.  2:30 PM ET on ESPN3.  Since they're playing a tough opponent and winter break is so close, perhaps Tuchel goes stronger than he otherwise might.  And PJH being left out isn't a great sign.  So tough call on him starting or being bench/left off, and leaning towards latter.