Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekend Recap - Dec 10th

Things turning up for Augsburg with a huge three points as they propel up to 13th in the table.  Still only a few points away from relegation but the performances keep improving and perhaps can start peeking at Europa spots again.

Kim Jin Su -- A good performance if not a great one.  He handed off an attacker to the CH... right when the through ball came through.  But fortunately that was his only major error and Hoffenheim won a huge three points to lift them off the bottom of the table.  KJS was strong defensively outside that error, with some good blocks and clearances in particular.  Going forward, he made some really good runs to use his pace well.  But his passing was really errant... perhaps trying too hard to hit the spectacular when a decent ball in would have sufficed.  A positive step ahead of the final matches of the first half.

Lee Chung Yong -- Injuries to Jedinak, Sako and Gayle meant that Lee Chung Yong made the bench but didn't make an appearance.

Yun Suk Young -- New manager but same old story.  Off the squad.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Much better from Ki.  He started off sluggishly but grew stronger over the match with a lot more influence on the flow of the match and some nice runs that were just inches away from becoming chances.  The change to an interim manager and the diamond seemed to free up Swansea to play more at their expected level and we'll see what the new permanent manager will bring.  Current rumors point to Gus Poyet who managed Ki at Sunderland.  Poyet builds his systems around the DMs, helping Ki to excel during Sunderland's relegation escape.  But he's also offensively naive, so we'll see if that, combined with Swansea's intrinsic possession over goals mentality, will cause problems if Poyet is hired.

Suk Hyun Jun -- He started, had an assist when he shot off the post and the rebound was bundled in and scored his 8th league goal of the season.  He continues to thrive at Vitoria and we'll see where his career goes in January.

Hong Jeong Ho -- A good performance and he scored another goal, deflecting Kohr's shot nicely.  With JICB out for four months, HJH will have to step up and stay healthy, and certainly past couple showings are a good sign.

Ji Dong Won -- Came on late and was a decent target in the air, and suffered from some tough non-calls in the attacking area but didn't have too many opportunities.

Koo Ja Cheol -- A good if not great performance from Koo.  Often a second forward this match, Koo was a bit less influential up there but it was nice to see him try harder in the offensive box, such as the aggressive dribbling in the final seconds which helped to setup the final winning goal.

Son Heung Min -- Came on as a sub and really messed up his one good opportunity, blasting the ball into row Z from the top of the box.  He had some decent passes but didn't provide much in the way of danger.  He needs to be more aggressive and get his best asset, his shooting, back on form.

Park Joo Ho -- Didn't make the squad.