Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Weekend Recap Dec 1st and Midweek Preview Dec 6th

Both kids' seasons are over so hopefully some more TV time for me. But didn't get to watch too much this weekend with son's season ending tournament.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host Apoel Nicosia t 2:45 PM ET on ESPN3. On the weekend, Son had an easy tap in goal and was decent despite some general problems with Tottenham's offense.


Kwon Chang Hoon -- Again KCH makes an impact, this time with a fancy first time pass that unlocked the defense and setup their winner as Dijon move into top 10. Amazing the turnaround in Dijon's fortune and how much KCH has been a key cog in that change.

Ji Dong Won -- An unused sub.

Koo Ja Cheol -- With Khedira out, Koo started but reportedly didn't do well, being replaced for a straight up defender which points out some of his shortcomings in the deeper role given that Augsburg had the match well in hand. Things are going well for Augsburg but not so much for the Koreans.

Lee Chung Yong -- Still out injured.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Remaining in that deep role, its just not letting Ki be as impactful as he could be. He showed flashes of it with a great strike from distance and a handful of great passes in the final third, but when he's spending most of the match just ahead of defenders, he can only influence the match so much. With Swansea struggling on offense, a bit mystifying why Ki is stuck so deep.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Didn't watch but played 90 in a losing effort.

Lee Seung Woo -- At least he tried hard when he came on with about 20 minutes to go but I'm not sure Verona has any idea of what to do with LSW, letting him fend for himself and not providing anything for him to work with. As a result he goes for the daring in situations where he's outmatched, which doesn't end well. On the one hand he got minutes, but on the other, not sure if he's stagnating anyway.