Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend Preview Feb 17th and Midweek Recap Feb 13th

Lots on normal TV this weekend but we'll see how much people play with cups.

Friday2:45 PMKwon Chang HoonDijon@MonacoBeIn
Saturday7:30 AMKi Sung YuengSwansea@Sheffield Wed (Cup)Fox Sports 1
Saturday2:00 PMSuk Hyun JunTroyesMetzNone
Sunday9:30 AMKoo Ja CheolAugsburgStuttgartFox Sports 2
Sunday11:00 AMSon Heung MinTottenham@Rochdale (Cup)Fox Sports 1
Monday2:45 PMLee Seung WooHellas Verona@LazioBeIn
Offn/aLee Chung YongCrystal Palace

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Manager seems positive about his recent showing but perhaps with Monaco, he'll go for a more defensive choice especially with Troyes midweek. ODO is quite sensitive to KCH's physical state and two matches with the latter being a more probable win have to be weighing on his mind. So in squad but not sure if on bench.

Ki Sung Yueng -- With a full week to recover next week, Ki has a decent chance of starting despite it being a cup match vs lower level opponent as I imagine Carvalho will want to beat his old team and keep the positive momentum going. Will be on bench if playing it safe with rest.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Still out injured I think.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Should start and probably in more advanced role with forwards still out injured.

Son Heung Min -- Was a surprise bench but I guess it makes sense as he started to look like the amount of minutes were taking a toll, and tactically it made more sense to have a playmaker on vs. a tough defense like Juventus. I think the latter was the biggest concern for Poch but it must be frustrating for Son to have such a small role in CL this season and to come on with only 10 minutes left. The pitch at Rochdale has been of large concern so we'll see how much risk Poch takes on but I think we'll see Son start given the amount of rest and the need to have a regular in attack even in a cup.

Lee Seung Woo -- Maybe he can hope for some garbage time.