Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekend Recap April 7th

Didn’t watch French guys play but did watch the rest I think. Of what there was to watch.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Koo started off strong, contributing to Augsburg’s press and fast tempo as a second forward. But Augsburg took their foot off the gas after their first goal, and Koo moved into a DM role and things fell apart though only partially his fault. Bayern were really controlling possession and chances for Koo were few and far between and really had a tough time having any impact.

Lee Chung Yong -- It was very depressing for LCY to be named to the bench and again Hodgson choosing not to even use a sub and even trying to defend the fact after the match, saying that he had no attacking midfielders. I have no idea why LCY is still there and to be honest, why LCY isn’t even used as cannon fodder (though obviously not this weekend).

Ki Sung Yueng -- I guess Carroll played well enough last weekend to start over Ki but I think Carvalho may have had second thoughts about making that change with such a critical match. Fortunately Swansea were able to squeak out a point and Ki did come on in final five minutes. They coulda used Ki earlier IMO as Swansea really struggled in the buildup but injuries and the need for goals dictated the subs.

Son Heung Min -- Son started and had a great chance on a one-on-one to score but a great save by Butland on a so-so attempt seemed to put Son off his game. He was ok but it was not surprise when he was the first one subbed off after an hour. It wasn’t a full blown crisis of confidence just yet but worth being worried over.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- A fortuitous goal as the ball leaked out to KCH who was sitting by himself for a simple tap in. KCH made l’Equipe’s TOTW so he must have done well. It’s really surprising that he still needs to prove himself every weekend. Too bad I didn’t get to watch the match.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Again a sub, again no goals when he did come on.

Lee Seung Woo -- Another day, another day warming bench.