Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Weekend Recap May 19th and a note on World Cup

Obviously I've been avoiding writing this post because the news is so depressing with Kwon Chang Hoon suffering a severe injury that will not only knock him out of the WC, but most likely the Asian Games and the start of the season.

I did want to put a note out there that my coverage of the WC is a bit undecided at this point. I have fairly low expectations, and even more so after KCH, and this year overlaps with a bigger anniversary trip, where I'll be somewhere in Italy for matches 2+3. As such, I've tempered my own enthusiasm for this tournament especially against a harder real life workload and as a result, not been keeping close eye on things as I have previous years. When things get real, of course I'll get caught up in it again here and there on Twitter, but did want to clarify the lack of WC related output this year.

I'll get a season wrap-up posted soonish maybe.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- What a terrible injury with a ruptured Achilles tendon. It's unclear the severity of the injury but it's a really tough break for a kid really starting to excel. Add in heartbreak for the World Cup, and its impact on Asian Games chances not only for KCH but also Son, and its just a bitter pill to swallow on last match of the season. Hopefully he works hard and carefully and comes back healthy.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Watched him slave away in tough conditions in my first watch in a while. His off the ball movement was a real improvement over earlier in season / his career in general, and he had a few good chances but also didn't score and Troyes are now relegated. We will see how he plots out his career with his ending contract with Porto, nearing military duty and uncertainty as to Asian Games participation.

Lee Seung Woo -- Was out "injured" in Korea getting ready for WC.