Friday, December 28, 2018

Weekend Preview and Midweek Recap Dec 26

Wow. So short.


Son Heung Min — Tottenham host Wolverhampton at 10 AM ET on NBCSN. It’s quite remarkable when Son is in such a run that a brace feels somewhat mundane. Part was that both of Son’s goals felt a bit fortuitous. His first was when he was given too much space at the top of the box and despite an imperfect first touch, had plenty of time to shoot into the corner with his left but certainly it was well struck. His second was far luckier as rebounds and blocked shots fell to him a couple yards away from goal and he smartly pulled back and finished easily. Though Tottenham felt fortunate in general, Son was a huge part in keeping momentum going and putting Tottenham in second at the halfway point which is quite an accomplishment despite sluggish starts for both. Son went fairly deep so I expect him to get a rest this weekend on the bench but then again maybe Poch won’t want to leave his hottest hand on the bench.