Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Weekend Preview Jan 4 and Midweek Recap Jan 1

New year, new optimism for the Spanish kids? I don't know if they're in the squads yet but we should have some advance warning on Twitter and both have been training with the first team.

Happy New Year everyone.

Friday1:00 PMPaik Seung HoGirona@LevanteBeIn
Friday2:45 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamTranmere (Cup)ESPN+
Saturday10:15 AMLee Kang InValencia@AlavesBeIn Esp
Saturday12:00 PMKwon Chang HoonDijonSchlitigheim (Cup)None
Sunday8:15 AMSuk Hyun JunReimsLens (Cup)None

Paik Seung Ho-- Maybe he'll get to warm bench. I don't expect minutes unless the scoreline is bonkers.

Son Heung Min-- Son continues his hot streak, setting up Eriksen with a sloppy pass for one goal and scoring himself. The goal was really nice as the pass in was behind but a great touch was able to set him free and he coolly beat the GK by picking out the far corner. He had some good passes too in the first half (I haven't had a chance to finish second half yet). I expect him to get a rest finally though if they need goals, I'm sure Poch will be eager to put him in off the bench.

Lee Kang In-- I hope he finally gets to make his league debut but they're still chasing European spots and he could have a chance in Europa League so I don't think Valencia is rushing to get him first-team minutes yet.

Kwon Chang Hoon-- Hopefully he's fit and ready to contribute more though Dijon's manager did get sacked over winter break. A tough break given KCH's injury impacting Dijon's talent base and of course a new challenge for KCH to re-establish himself both from fitness and from new manager perspective. With a full week's rest until start of season, I expect KCH to start though of course a lot depends on how fit he is.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Unfortunately, Suk did hurt himself and is out until late January. A tough break.