Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recap of Weekend Action

First schedule error of the season. Apologies.

Anyway, I'll try to put these together as I have time / motivation.

First Korean European goal of the season since the Olympics. Son Heung Min scored to narrow the gap but Hamburg lost 3-2. Van der Vaart toed the ball free from the Frankfurt defender towards an offside Rudnevs who had the awareness to let it pass to SHM. Son rounded the goalie with a slight shake and a burst of speed and slotted the goal into the empty net. Earlier SHM also messed up a 1 on 1 with the keeper in the match. We'll see if he gets time up top next weekend.

Park Ji Sung captained up and left Terry hanging for a handshake. He also led QPR to a well earned draw vs Chelsea, hopefully indicative of an upward swing up the table. PJS missed an open header which he probably should have scored on but had a good match otherwise, with his usual effort and providing offensive initiative to boot.

Park Chu Young made his debut with about 20 minutes left in the match with Celta Vigo losing 2-1. CV had a pretty good match but ran out of gas by the time PCY came on, minimizing opportunities for the striker. I assume we will see more of PCY next weekend.

Suk played 17 minutes in a loss in a cup match.

Kim Bo Kyung will have to wait to make his debut. Travel and minimal team integration time = no pitch time. Ki Sung Yueng has already made his debut but similar reasons for no action this weekend.

Lee Chung Yong was given a rest as Bolton won their first championship match 2-1. Ji Dong Won reacquainted himself with his customary spot at the end of the bench.

KJC is still hurt. Cha Du Ri is still dealing with whatever personal issue he's been facing.

Wow. Thats a lot of writing for not much action. Hopefully we get more viewing next weekend.