Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekend Recap Dec 18th

Wow, Chungy with a world-class goal this weekend.  Unbelievable winner too!

Also, it is nearing the end of the first half of the season so I'll be looking to put together a mid-season recap.  I'll do my best to get tabs on secondary players but details are always a bit sketchy out there.

Kim Jin Su -- Another good performance.  His offensive contributions were better as well, with some nice passes actually reaching their target and creating danger.  He is still far from efficient on offense right now (still plenty of errant passes) but positive signs that his confidence is improving.  Highlight of the match for me was KJS slipping trying to cover the dangerous Sane and somehow recovering and dispossessing him nicely.

Yun Suk Young -- Another weekend, another match not in the squad.

Hong Jeong Ho -- He started off real rough but started to play better and better over the course of the match and helped preserve a clean sheet, albeit helped a lot by hideous finishing from Hamburg.

Ji Dong Won -- Had one half chance when a saved shot bounced in front but Ji couldn't react in time to put in the goal.  He had a number of nice touches and runs, and almost had a goal another time using his chest to deflect a cross off the crossbar.  A good but not great performance.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Out with injury.  It sounded minor and now he has winter break to recover.  Hopefully he recharges his battery for the second half.

Park Joo Ho -- Started off strong with better tempo and passing but things just went all wrong thirty minutes in or so.  First he lost the ball in his own net and had to foul to save the situation which nearly resulted in a goal on the ensuing free kick.  He also was too far up on the offside trap, and was beaten badly for another scoring chance for Koeln.  Then finally, he should have been called for a PK foul when he tripped the attacker just inside the box.  His day ended early as he was pulled at halftime and his confidence must be very poor.  He'll have to raise his game over winter training if he still wants a spot in the squad.

Son Heung Min -- He came on as a late sub.  He wasn't really needed as Tottenham had the match well in hand and was saved for the upcoming holiday schedule crush.

Lee Chung Yong -- He was probably only in the squad because of a late injury to Cabaye, and continuing missed matches from Sako and Jedinak.  And when he was called on with just 10 minutes left, it felt like Pardew was looking to kill time to save the away point.  His first significant action was a disappointment too, with lots of space and some help on the edge of the box but a pass right to the defender.  His next major touch was a bit better, a nice cross to open up space for Bolasie who couldn't beat Butland.  But then on a failed clearance, Lee Chung Yong scored one of the goals of the season, launching a shot from way out and blasting it just inside the post.  And he showed great speed to help protect the three points as he raced back to dispossess the Stoke attacker.  How much he plays going forward will still probably be up to luck and circumstance but that goal will be quite a career and team highlight.

Suk Hyun Jun -- He started but only played a half.  The match appeared to be well in hand and as I wasn't watching the match, its unclear if he was hurt or just taken off to protect their investment so close to January transfer window in their final match of 2015.

Ki Sung Yueng -- He came the closest to his previous season form as he has in a while, covering huge portions of the pitch, controlling the play and popping up in dangerous attacking positions.  He had one shot well saved by Adrian and had a blatant handball on another shot missed by the referee.  The only negatives were a couple errant passes and getting himself in a bit more danger than necessary.  But a big step up for Ki and though again the three points escaped Swansea, the performances look more like the club challenging for Europa spots than one stuck in bottom 3.