Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekend Recap Feb 17th and Midweek Preview Feb 23rd

Debut for Kwon Chang Hoon and midweek Europa action.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host Gent at 3:05 PM ET on Fox Sports 2.  In the FA Cup, Son played most of the match on the left until Kane came off, when he moved to forward. He started off well and was able to get behind Fulham's defense several times, but wasn't able to finish the opportunities off. He was pretty invisible otherwise, partially because Tottenham seemed to focus on attacking through the right, but also because Son wasn't able to get into as dangerous spots when Fulham was back on defense. He also missed a decent chance to head in a garbage time goal so not a great day. The good news is that Tottenham looked good compared to other attacking lineups recently, so he has a decent chance of starting second leg where Tottenham have to make up a one goal deficit.


Koo Ja Cheol -- Started and played the whole 90 despite having just recovered from an ankle injury. He was very sharp too with some very good moves and runs. Yet he had a hard time once he got into the box, wasting a handful of great chances with poor shots. Fortunately on one failure, he found Kohr after messing up a free run at GK and had an assist. Tough loss though as Augsburg really struggling for solidity in the back and generating consistent buildup play.

Ji Dong Won -- Came on as a sub around 70' and was positioned out wide to the right. Continuing a problematic trend where his touch has been pretty rough, and really struggling to beat defenders with his moves. Even his crosses had a hard time finding a target.

Park Joo Ho -- Nothing.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Made his debut as a sub but it wasn't one to remember, where Dijon went from a one goal lead to a two goal loss. I didn't watch live but it seemed on video that he looked visibly nervous with his touch and movement, though there were a couple decent moments too. Looks like he will have a way to go though.