Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weekend Recap April 8th

Son seems like the lone bright spot these days. No pun intended. Sigh.

Son Heung Min -- While starting off as a mixed bag, things started to open up for Tottenham and Son, first setting up Alli's pass (which to be clear was 99.9% Alli who struck an amazing shot), then a bit later when his deflected shot fell to Dier who scored again. Finally Son got on the score sheet with two great goals of his own, first a cannon shot from the top of the box, and then a nice first touch shot on a cross. He didn't go into his usual post-scoring overdrive mode, perhaps owing to a bit of fatigue from midweek, but he did have a few chances for the hat trick, hitting the crossbar and also missing an easy open chance. Not the best performance but a good one and needed as Poch starts thinking about how to line up with Kane/Wanyama returning.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Real bad news when Clement didn't change a thing despite having third match in 6 days. Then again, Ki wasn't the only one which surprised me as some fatigue was visible midweek. Whether Ki started or not, the lack of changes meant that it wasn't a surprise when things went so badly that two subs had to be burned at HT. When Cork went off with injury, it was more frustration as Montero was put on instead of Ki. With Swansea continuing to sink down the table, one has to think that Clement will have to change things up and look at players like Ki regardless of his preference.

Park Joo Ho -- Health getting better so PJH was left at home and of course isn't eligible for CL.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Man, picked up an injury where he's due to miss at least another match this weekend in addition to the one he missed last weekend. Worst possible timing and missed Dijon's loss.

Ji Dong Won -- Was pretty invisible to start on left wing in 4-4-2 but so much can be blamed on so little possession and terrible defense. Augsburg defense was shredded apart yet again. Ji brought on a bit of life when he stopped trying to be a winger and started to control of attack himself. He started to cut inwards and use the open spaces for himself, and was soon put up top when Finnbogason was taken off where he continued to show Augsburg glimpses of offense... in the few times they got the ball. Augsburg is a mess, and they need to get their best shape and XI out there and Ji sitting back and wide isn't where he's best suited.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Koo also struggled as he was too far forward as second striker. There's no point in having two strikers if the ball never crosses into the attacking half. When Koo moved to CM, Augsburg showed some improved ability to get on the attack but by then it was way too little too late. Koo needs to be near the action and for Augsburg, that's pretty far back.

Lee Chung Yong -- Left off squad. The one player who would benefit most from relegation (as he'd likely get more time and keep his contract) finds himself in the opposite situation with Crystal Palace look to have opened a decent gap to Hull City/Swansea with a major upset of Arsenal. Maybe they can keep improving and get enough padding for him to get a transfer showcase cameo.