Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weekend Recap Aug 19th and Midweek Schedule Aug 23rd

Forgot about League Cup midweek forcing this rushed recap. But we'll see if LCY plays.

Lee Chung Yong -- Today at Ipswich Town (Cup) @ 2:30 PM ET (No TV). Surprisingly to me, completely out of the match day squad last weekend so we'll see if he has any role in today's cup match. If left out, hopefully means a move is probably pending but a new DoF in his former manager Freedman makes this all a bit of a mystery. [UPDATE - In squad, on bench... whats new?]

Ki Sung Yueng -- Out injured for today's cup match vs MK Dons (2:45 PM ET, No TV) and was similarly out last weekend.

Koo Ja Cheol -- Played 90 in a safe CM role. By that I mean he only had one incomplete pass (according to Bundesliga, a few more on whoscored) and did ok defensively but had almost no impact going forward with seemingly all of his passes going sideways. A very disappointing loss vs. a beatable Hamburg side. With Stafilydis about to leave as well, this team looks doomed to relegation.

Ji Dong Won -- Baum said he was available, but he wasn't a full participant in training midweek so we'll see if health or preference for his absence from squad. He appears to have another minor knick today today in training though.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- I missed the first fifteen or so, but started off on the right but also played CF and 2nd forward for the middle portion of the match, before ODO shifted tactics late in the match and KCH stayed out wide. His passes were pretty poor but he stayed aggressive throughout and was involved in nearly all of Dijon's good attacks. When he did play centrally, he fought hard though doesn't have a forward's instincts. His general aggression was rewarded with a goal when he reacted first to a deflected save, and his creative pass in traffic freed Sliti to earn match-leveling PK. Hopefully KCH is earning the trust of ODO as he contributes strongly even when off his A game.

Son Heung Min -- Came on as a sub originally as an attacking LW and then shifting a bit back into a left midfielder role but all was for naught as Son didn't get many touches of the ball as Tottenham started to lose control of the match in the middle. It looked a bit awkward when everyone was standing around and yet Son wasn't able to beat Chelsea's defender one on one. I'm sure we'll see more of Son in upcoming week when Pochettino not as concerned about defusing Conte's tactics.