Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MIdweek Preview Oct 31st and Weekend Recap Oct 28th

Happy Halloween! I'm still pretty far behind on catching up. I've watched like 30 minutes of some and touch videos on others. So I'm only putting out partial notes and I may not catch up as I am on travel this week.

Also reminder of Daylight Savings Time... it seems Europe has already started so we will have some strange kickoff times.


Son Heung Min -- Tottenham host Real Madrid (CL) at 3:45 PM ET on Fox Sports 1. Son looked lively to start the match in something of a unique tactical play where Son would be up top for his pace but settle down into a CAM type role when the attack slowed down. At least for the 30 minutes or so I saw. I don't expect him to start after going three matches in a row.

Lee Chung Yong -- Out injured.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Looked actually good in what I saw, moving more freely than prior. He was the deepest of the midfield 3 but still pushed forward a bit when he had chances. Similar to his Sunderland role than any Swansea role he's had. Reports were positive on him despite the loss so things are headed in the right way for him.

Ji Dong Won -- Made his first appearance so is that a sign that he may be working his way into shape after an injury riddled start to season or is he just on the margins to kill time?

Koo Ja Cheol -- Koo was on the bench and Augsburg were running well, albeit against a weak Werder Bremen side that sacked their manager shortly after. When Koo did come on, he was brilliant to be honest. Three amazing through balls in a row, and a great exchange with Caiuby. He was positioned somewhere between 8 and 10. That said he didn't have much defensive duties and the game was over so he may have to stay patient.

Kwon Chang Hoon -- Played 90 in a win but seemed less amazing than midweek. But good to see him play so many minutes.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Came on with 20 minutes but don't really know much past that.

Lee Seung Woo -- Came on for 10 minutes. Seemed energetic and athletic but the accuracy and precision do not look there just yet. Don't expect a role change for him until he scores even if that is a ridiculous hurdle.