Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Midweek Preview Apr 27 and Weekend Recap Apr 24

More action midweek as BL2 teams catch up on cancellations. No great news recap wise sadly so I picked a good weekend to not be fully attentive. And similarly, testing out a new layout for smaller schedules.

Tuesday12:30 PMLee Jae SungHolstein Kiel@NurnbergNone
Thursday12:30 PMChoi Kyoung RokKarlsruher@HamburgESPN+

Lee Jae Sung-- Played 90 in a win, apparently in a deeper role, and should start as Kiel remain in the hunt for promotion.

Choi Kyoung Rok-- CKR scored in his first match but apparently picked up a small calf strain, forcing him to be subbed off after an hour, but also again after starting the second of the weekend after 20 minutes or so. Sounds like a minor issue but Thursday seems too soon. The lack of news on contract is still curious given that he can pre-sign anywhere.


Hwang Ui Jo-- Bordeaux did not respond well to its financial uncertainty, going down by three. Hwang played the full 90 in what sounded like a dreadful day.

Ji Dong Won-- Only played 60 in a loss.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Came on as a last minute sub with too little time to do anything.

Kwon Chang Hoon-- An unused sub.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Wasn't in the squad. No news of an injury so not great news. While news of Nagelsmann leaving might normally be good news for next season, the related departure of Leipzig's sporting director is more ominous. None of this points to an improved environment for rest of season, with Nagelsmann having no incentive to play HHC outside the chance of HHC reuniting with his Salzburg manager who is the likely replacement.

Yun Il Lok-- Made the squad but it sounded like the number of injuries was a primary factor and he did not come on. We should get a better read on his standing in the squad on future selections.

Son Heung Min-- Man City played Tottenham off the pitch in the first half and Son didn't help as the pressure to do something with the rare touches of the ball forced many errant passes. It was a bit of a surprise that he didn't come off but of course you may be hoping for the random moment of inspiration with Son especially with a Kane not at 100%. Son was a bit better in the second half but most of his threat was to stretch the defense which was clearly setup to prevent him from getting behind. With Tottenham not having great long passers in DM/CM, Pep probably didn't need to be concerned too much. Disappointing but expected end to last trophy run and questions about next season continue to rise.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Came on as a sub but the match had lost momentum. I did watch but I don't recall anything of note.

Lee Kang In-- An unused sub. Summer can't come soon enough.