Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Recap Dec 3rd

Mixed to poor all around and still in process of watching Kim Jin Su match so here we go:

Yun Suk Young -- Didn't start and thus was left off the squad.  New manager starts today so we'll see where/how/if Yun fits in. I'm not expecting any major changes barring injury or problems with Konchesky (beyond what's already gone on).

Koo Ja Cheol -- Continued his good form, running hard covering the most ground, winning the most tackles and duels, and some good passing as well.  And now Augsburg's

Ji Dong Won -- Came on as a late sub and did ok though was mostly on for fresh leg purposes.

Hong Jeong Ho -- He returned to team training but still not fit enough for a match.

Kim Jin Su -- Played 90... haven't watched whole match but looked strong for the first part that I saw.  I'll try to update later in day.

Ki Sung Yueng -- He had some really nice touches... and then his quality ran off a cliff.  He looked really uncertain of his role and he made so many uncharacteristic errors.  A particularly disappointing performance, even relative to the poor showings of his teammates.

Son Heung Min -- He was a surprising sub, as it appears that Pochettino wants to have him up front midweek in Europa to give Kane a rest.  He was sharp enough when he came on, but the match was really struggling vs Pulis' suffocating tactics and a lack of precision from Tottenham.  Some good passes from the center from Son, though he failed to create any real danger in his appearance.

Suk Hyun Jun -- Two goals and an assist.  The only question that remains will be what his exemplary fall will translate into in January.  Last time he got acclimated to Portugal, he was sold off to the desert.  I think this time he'll have much better options, though we'll see if its in Portuguese La Liga or elsewhere in Europe.

Park Joo Ho -- With Weigl out, PJH came on as a DM sub with 10 or so minutes left in the match.  Even though his appearance was brief, he looked good with several excellent interceptions and functional offensive contributions.  The only downside of his performance was not getting more out of a breakaway opportunity... he decided to kill time and hold up the ball, but was knocked down (in what looked like a foul) and he lost possession rather than eat up time, let alone create a scoring chance.

Lee Chung Yong -- Incredibly disappointingly, LCY was left off the matchday squad in favor of Mutch and four strikers.  I have to think his future at Palace is very limited when Pardew prefers to play players out of position (one was almost sold in summer, and the other whose loan was rumored to be nearly cancelled) over Chungy.