Monday, April 19, 2021

Midweek Preview Apr 20 and Weekend Recap Apr 16

A wild start to the week between Jose Mourinho getting fired and the formation of ESL. The former is an attempt to fix a disaster while the latter is clearly the genesis of another. As a watcher of American sports, which the proposed league is clearly mimicking, I'll just say that removal of CL qualifications let alone threat of relegation would remove most of the drama from league play and the absence of small clubs who might upset the world's order for one midweek evening would be incredibly depressing. 

On a brighter note, Suk Hyun Jun re-enters the schedule as BeIN appears to be planning on showing some Ligue 2 football now.

Tuesday12:30 PMJi Dong WonEintracht Braunschweig@FuerthESPN+
Tuesday12:30 PMHwang Hee ChanLeipzig@CologneESPN+
Tuesday2:00 PMSuk Hyun JunTroyes@Chamois NiortaisBeIN Play
Tuesday3:00 PMYun Il LokMontpellierCanet RoussillonBeIN Xtra
Wednesday1:00 PMSon Heung MinTottenhamSouthamptonPeacock
Wednesday1:00 PMLee Kang InValencia@OsasunaBeIN Play

Ji Dong Won-- Came on as a sub for final few minutes. Maybe a better chance for a bigger role given short week but not sure of his fitness and of course another match Friday so not sure how large his role might be tomorrow but likely to play some if not from the start.

Hwang Hee Chan-- Did make the squad but apparently wasn't fit enough to win even a sub role when Leipzig needed offense. Better chance to come off the bench midweek as Poulsen is in doubt.

Suk Hyun Jun-- Suk Hyun Jun made his second appearance post calf injury that kept him out for most of 2021. A glance at reports seem positive on his direction even if he's not 100% on a short week. I expect him to be on the bench still but perhaps with more minutes.

Yun Il Lok-- Apparently, Yun has been out with an ankle injury. Already fair amount of question about his contract renewal and can't help if he can't play. Still out midweek.

Son Heung Min-- Modern football has shown the flaws in Mourinho's system for many years now so it's no surprise to see this narrative end as I expected at his hire: miserable football, a broken team spirit and far from where they want to be in competitive aspect. That said, Son did benefit from Mourinho's counterattacking system, given that many of his goals come from those scenarios, but then didn't, as Tottenham had nobody to launch counterattacks once opponents realized how to reduce Kane's influence on long balls. Tottenham soon forgot Pochettino's rehearsed buildup patterns, and the bias towards battlers over passers in midfield meant few could create an attack out of pure individual quality. Lots of questions with cup final on Sunday and an interim manager but I think Son starts to hopefully build up some momentum into their last chance at season glory.

Lee Kang In-- An unused sub again. Not expecting a change now.

Hwang Ui Jo-- I'm 35 minutes in and not sure I can withstand more as it's target practice for Monaco and no signs of any offense from Bordeaux. A mixed bag from Hwang in the three or four touches he's had so far but not sure any forward could do better in a no win situation.

Jeong Woo Yeong-- Came on as a sub in garbage time. No major mistakes but the match was done.

Kwon Chang Hoon-- Came on with JWY and same comments apply here.

Lee Jae Sung/Choi Kyoung Rok-- Both clubs remain in COVID suspension of schedule.